How working from home affects the wearing of clothes

Working from home

Working from home
Working from home

We all have been socially distant for a while now. Working from home has become the norm for most of those who still have a job. (And yes, I very much feel for the people who were furloughed or laid off. That should never have happened.)

I don’t know how you can go about your business at home. I live on my own, with my cat. My cat doesn’t care if I wear clothes. As long as he gets attention and food, he’s happy.

Since I don’t have to run out to work, I tend to stay clothes-free most of the time in my house. For some online video meetings I put on a t-shirt or something because I know that is necessary, but that’s about it.

And then grocery shopping happens.

Grocery shopping and any other kind of outside activity requires clothing. We all know that. It’s a sad state of affairs that we all lament plenty of times during the week or even the day, depending on how often we have to leave the nudity of home.

For me, social distancing brought a lot of naked freedom. I hope you encounter that too. Not having to wear clothes is great as long as you can get away with it. But this freedom clearly comes at a price.

I still have to get dressed once in a while. Just like before any lock-down and social distancing. But lately, the act of suffocating my body feels worse. My skin is getting more and more used to breathing freely, and suddenly there’s this layer of stuff on top of it.

I object!

I really do. Living la vida desnuda (the naked life) is great, and it’s really sad that this is not accepted by the world. Of course, when it’s cold, it’s smart to put something on. But on the Northern hemisphere, summer is coming. How nice would it be to go outside clothes-free. Okay, I’ll stop here – we’ve all been there before.

Still, with COVID-19 going around, it pays to be careful. Somewhere online I read that the virus will live shorter on skin than on fabric. I have not found proof of that. In fact, this interview hints at a similar life span for both skin and fabric, so be careful.

Live long and naked, people. As much as you can.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “How working from home affects the wearing of clothes”

  1. Living naked at home is one thing but then there is something missing : the contact with other naked people. I am retired and live on my own (without a cat as I am allergic to cats and without a dog), so there is no problem to be naked at home. But as said social contact with other naked people (although nearly inexistant here in Italy) is also very important and made impossible because of the Corona virus.
    Living like the people do in the Unsworth Nudes books is ideal but is it realistic?

    1. I am sure that meeting others is very important for those who are extrovert and social creatures. For you I hope things get better fast!

  2. Like you I’m able to do a good bit of my job at home. I keep several shirts within easy reach of my desk in the even of unexpected video calls. If I’ve no need to do laundry or pick up mail I can go for several days without getting dressed at all. I rarely entertain at home so being alone is my norm.

    Like Hans what I do miss is all the socialization with other naked people. I live near a large city so I had naked yoga, naked massage classes, naked kettlebells, naked drawing (everyone’s nude, not just the model), naked happy hour, even naked Bridge (the card game). All of that’s gone now. Some activities have moved online, but I’ve not yet acquired the equipment needed to participate. As things stand now I doubt the nude beach near(-ish) my home will open.

    So yes, the socialization is what I miss. Even when things go back to normal, I hope to work from home and stay nude at least a couple of days per week.

  3. British Naturism are doing lots of great online stuff to keep naturists in contact during the lockdown. This has really helped me with socialization with outer naturists,especially the Naked Pub on a Friday evening to share a drink a good chat. If you are outside the UK, these are open to INF members.

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