Naked and that almost temperature.

The almost safe temperature


Today, for me, is one of those almost okay to be nude outside days. It’s almost nice, not very rainy. Unfortunately it’s not just right. There is a bit too much wind, and I think it’s coming from the wrong side. Out of the wind it’s pretty good, but once the wind hits, the wind chill factor gets to me.

Walking in the rain

I’m usually fine walking in the rain when the temperature is nice. Nice for me starts at 23C / 73F. Lower than that, the wind will quickly chase me inside when I’m naked. Maybe I’m a wimp, maybe it’s my age starting to show but I’m for warm place. Otherwise I’d have been a polar bear or a penguin.

Different people, different thermometers

I love how there are so many people and so many opinions about when it’s good enough to be naked outside. I remember from many years ago (make that a lot of many) when I did a naked walk in a nearby German forest when the air temperature was about 5C / 41F, and that was fine. Because it was a walk in a forest. The dense trees kept the wind away and also, after walking for a while, my body was producing heat to ward off any chills. That was a cool walk and I would love to do it again.

Walk in Germany

I tried it, not that long ago, but the shivers got to me to the point where I decided it wasn’t worth trying to go on until I got warm. I could have persisted, because shivering is movement too and that can warm you, but that prospect just didn’t do it for me.

Next month I will be off to a warm island for a week. I’d be surprised if I can’t get some good walking done there!

Author: Paul

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4 thoughts on “Naked and that almost temperature.”

  1. I find that if I keep active I can be naked at temperatures most people don’t believe.

    I did the Bay to Breakers once when it was raining and in the 60s F. As long as I kept moving I was fine. Other people around me were dressed in wet clothing and were freezing. Humans evolved to be cool tolerant.

    I was climbing up out of a deep valley one time and it was getting dark. By the time I got to my car it was in the 40s F. I was quite comfortable, even a bit hot for my efforts. The instant I stopped hiking I got cold very quickly and had to dress.

    As a teenager, I did a long streak around a strip mall late on Christmas eve. Temps were close to zero. I was so wrapped up in the action I didn’t notice how cold it was until I hit the vinyl seat in my car…

    1. Absolutely. The trick is to stay moving, stay active. A few years ago I did a forest hike in the nude. It was almost freezing, there was snow in places too. Still I felt fine among the trees. Once out of the forest, the wind got me. Yikes…

  2. I am a nudist but You are far beyond me. I like temperatures at least 75 degrees F or above to go nude. If I go on a 5K run then it is ok for it to be 60. I couldn’t imagine near zero. My most favorable temperature is 80. That’s what I keep my house at most of the time while I’m awake. I even like it in the mid 90’s and 100’s. Of course I am thin. I weigh 148 and 5’8″. I guess that’s the reason I like to travel to the south.

    1. 80F sounds like a great temperature to me! Keeping my house at that would, alas, run up the energy bill far too much.
      Stay naked, my friend, and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy!

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