Would being naked ever get boring?

“Always wearing the same thing is boring.”


This is what I heard a while ago. Given the amount of different kinds of clothing, one might almost think that’s a valid statement.

However… if we think back to ancient times, and I mean the times before you and I and even the oldest person in the world was born, most people didn’t have that much of a choice in attire (if they even needed that). Let’s have a look at that.

Prehistoric life and times

Prehistoric people apparently wore skins to keep themselves warm. I doubt they had many options, like a Versace bear skin, or a Levi’s loin cloth. They’d probably wear what they had until it fell apart and then got something new.

The image above should demonstrate that, but for me there’s wrong with it. If the temperature is such that their upper bodies are not covered, and the child is entirely naked, why would they even wear such a thing? I’m pretty much convinced that this originates more from the painter’s modest mind than from actual need during that time.

Killing a bear with a stone axe (like she holds) or a bow (like he holds) would be quite a chore. My guess is that prehistoric people would go around naked much more than modern ideas allow. Look at how the man’s leg movement would be restricted by his ‘skirt’, and now imagine him running after some game to hunt down. That’s not going to fill stomachs well, unless prehistoric people had a particular way to run. In that case I would love to see that. Please share your prehistoric videos!

Living life naked

Paul in the woods

With this in mind, I started writing this blog post, the start of which might have confused you. Clothes? Yes, that was how I wanted to get to this spot.

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in the nude, be it at home, on vacation or wherever, has experienced the freedom it brings.

Have you ever had the idea that wearing the same skin all the time is boring? After all, it’s the only one you have, and as far as I know there are no shops to get another one, in the right shade of red that’s fashionable this summer. For myself I have never had that idea.

Charco del Palo, nude in the street
Charco del Palo

On my vacations to naturist places, like Charco del Palo, I have spent a lot of time naked, and not once did that feel boring.

Many others there also walked around in the same lack of attire and everyone had a good time. I don’t think anyone ever gave the boring concept some thought. And even then, if your regular skin is boring, there’s always body painting!

sunday body paint
Body painting session in New York

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “Would being naked ever get boring?”

  1. Untill now, I did not feel being naked was boring. Every time I spend two weeks in a nudist resort, I regret the day of departure when I have to put clothes back on. During the time there never was bored being naked, on the contrary.

  2. I don’t see their problem. If they feel bored with nudity, then wear something. I’ve never felt bored with nudity but I realize that not everyone is the same.

    It can’t be about convincing people to be like me. It has to be about letting me be me and you be you.

  3. I don’t think I could ever get bored bring naked. It’s the frustration of finding what to wear when having to go out. Most of the time I wear the same thing! – Fabien

    1. And this is my sentiment exactly!
      I am not good at selecting clothes for going out. My attire then is pretty basic and, indeed, usually the same. Nude never goes out of style.

  4. We have never found it boring to be nude, no matter how long one goes nude. We once went nude for 10 days. We got the daily newspapers, mail, took the garbage to the curb and ran a few car errands where didn’t have to exit the car all while nude. When the day came that we finally had to get dressed for both some work and shopping, it was like torture putting clothes on.

    At our nude resort we see people depressed that they have to leave and get dressed after just brief stays, we have seen children cry because they had to put clothes on.

    It’s a way of life and it’s addictive.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I can so relate to the people and children you mention. It IS depressing to leave the sanctity and safety of a nude place and having to put on stuff.

  5. Being naked never gets boring, maybe chilly but never boring. I’d like to add something to your comments on “prehistoric” people. Animal skins as clothing would be virtually unwearable in weather above 15° C (55°F) if a person was at all active. Also, if it gets wet it absorbs rather than repels water thus gets very heavy and loses it’s insulating value. So I think that people who had to rely on leather or pelt clothing would have restricted it’s use to freezing weather or cold and windy but drier conditions.

    1. I agree. Being naked will never get boring for me either. Good thoughts about the animal skins too, thank you. I hadn’t even considered that.

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