Body awareness

This is something that just popped up in my mind at some point. Things have a habit of popping up and some of them are worth writing about.

Naturists are known to have less / no body shame. Some of them/us are still growing up to the point where it disappears, but it is clear to many that bodies are what they are. All different, all special, all good.

Nude darts, free as you can be.

Naturists are, as far as I know, very much aware of their bodies. That has nothing to do with shame but the mere fact that we know our body. We know when it’s comfortable, when it’s not so great.

People who wear clothes all of the time have lost that awareness (or perhaps they never had it in the first place, since they were ‘wrapped up’ before their mind developed enough to notice.)

It’s autumn now. Or fall. Name it as you want. Naturists in the northern hemisphere are wearing more clothes. I don’t know about you, but I am very much aware of that fact. I feel those layers of fabric. Of course, I know my body needs those things, otherwise I’ll be cold and that’s not nice.

Still, despite knowing all that, it sometimes is as if my body revolts against that stuff. As if I am not made for those wrappings. Heck, at times I feel like a mummy, especially when I have to bend or squat down to pick something up. There’s that direct awareness that something is cutting off my ability to move and also my blood-flow. Those are the clothes.

Summer of 2019
Summer of 2019

I’m certain many of you have similar feelings.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next warm days of spring and the next summer. Oh, sure, having 40C days this summer wasn’t extremely funny at work (that’s 104F) but without clothes I find those days much easier to handle than the days of -10C to 5C (10F to 40F) wearing the garments.

I just need to find a place that allows for doing the work in the buff. 😀

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “Body awareness”

  1. When young, I did not like showing my body. I don’t know why but in my twenties I got a gay friend with whom I was naked often inside. And then I started to visit nude beaches. Now I don’t have any shame anymore and often when I am naked I am not aware of that situation. I also don’t have any problems to be fully naked among people (male or female) that have clothes on, but I must say that only happens at places where I know that my nakedness is not a problem for others.
    Now in the winter I am naked at home, it cost me a bit more on heating than in the average house but so be it.

  2. I am not a fan of winter and as much as I like the warm summer days I find as I get older that time is going by very quickly and have to learn to not wish my life away. So, I will take it one day at a time and if warm enough, I will be naked when I can.

  3. So, so, so true. Heartily concur with every word! I wear clothes indoors in winter as I don’t want to have a huge heating bill, so it’s something of a trade off between being my true self, naked, unclothed, natural and being cold, uncomfortable. But I am uncomfortable in my clothes!

    1. Exactly there with you, Mike. I don’t want my energy bill to go through the roof either. Sometimes, in winter, I do heat up the house for a nude evening. Not often though.

  4. Depuis que jai decouvert le naturisme (7 ans) j en parle autour de moi et jai completement adopter ce mode ( adopte un nu ) .
    Pourquoi pas lancer ce mouvement ! Mdr .
    La réaction des personnes me permet de trier entre les ‘ ouverts ” et les “fermers” a chacun sa liberté! Égalité! Nudisme .

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