When it rains, clothes aren’t always the smartest thing

Rain. We all know it.

Naked woman in the rain

This is no exactly what happened to me a few days ago (unfortunately), but I made the best of the weather anyway.

It’s been hot and dry here for a long, long time. Finally, the rains have come. That’s good, because crops and lawns don’t do well on just sunshine. (If you know better, please explain how that works.)

The long, dry period however made that the water drains on the outside gallery of my apartment (I live on the fourth floor, which for Americans is the fifth floor) got clogged with tiny bits of leaves, dirt and other stuff. Which means that water falling from the sky can’t leave.

Now having the whole gallery (where the people walk to get to their front doors) flooded isn’t the greatest thing when the water decides to come inside for a visit. I am sure you can relate to that. No one else on this floor (four homes in total) had the bright idea to look at the drains when it started raining. And it rained hard.

Note – this is not my balcony.

So I took a few wooden chopsticks (really!) and went outside, in the rain, to poke through the clogged drains. I have done this before and it works like a charm.

As I passed by the windows of the neighbour who claimed that the weather being hot is not a reason to be naked, she noticed me and came to the door. She was rather upset that I wore nothing (that attire made all the sense to me, though).

Why aren’t you wearing clothes? You’re getting wet!” (Amazing, no comment on leaving her clogged drain in peace! 😀 )

“Well, this way I only have to dry myself when I get back in. With clothes, I would get much colder, have to take off the wet clothes afterwards, dry myself, put on dry clothes, and hang the wet stuff out to dry before washing them.”

Without another word, she closed the door. (It was raining and her clothes were getting wet.) I continued to handle the drains, which was only a few minutes of work. Then I went inside, dried myself and made coffee.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “When it rains, clothes aren’t always the smartest thing”

  1. Having no neighbors or close residents sometimes is a real good thing. I can go out in the rain, sun or cloud covered day and there is no one to tell me that I am doing something wrong. Sometimes common sense gets thrown into the bit bucket and people don’t realize what is proper or makes sense.

    1. You are a very lucky person then, Don.
      And it is true. Common sense is one of the rarest elements in the universe these days, it seems…

  2. Typical of uptight people. They focus on one small detail (nudity) that has few consequences while ignoring the main point (her apartment not getting flooded).

    I don’t know about the Netherlands, but in the US common sense has all but fled the country as a result of Covid. And I remind you that the US had little common sense pre-Covid .

    1. I have been to the US many times before COVID (about 20 times) and I have found a lot of lack of common sense during those visits…

      Luckily I knew a number of people who possessed a lot of it. It was them that I visited.

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