Naturist kids

Note upfront: I have no children. I desire no children. I do desire children to have the best youth and life they can possibly have.

Let me kick off a few questions at the start. Do you have children? Did you take them nude venues like beaches and resorts when they were young? And if you did, do you think they suffered from it?

I somehow doubt they did. At our local nude beach I have seen kids play, swim and have fun, and no one had any issue with it. Hooray for free minds and people who feel good about being naked. I am sure you all agree.

This topic has been on my mind a while, especially since the number of protests from textile ignorants who claim that children should not be present at a naked swim organised by British Naturism.

Something that crawls up on me is the persistent refusal of these people to at least come and have a look. (Which would go against their textile habits, of course.) But how do they know that children will be harmed at such venues? We all know that kids are as safe as peas in a pod, but they don’t. They base their opinion on what happens in their world. The clothed, covered world, where nudity is a taboo.

Such people condemn us like they would condemn child molesters without knowing any better.

I for one am very glad that the owner of the water park, Mr Chaudry, spoke out against these people’s allegations, stating that the popular Stoke-on-Trent tourist attraction has been ‘unjustly accused of encouraging paedophiles’.

Good on Mr Chaudry. There should be more open minds like him around.

My parents weren’t naturists so their children weren’t brought up with the naturist idea. Still they were open-minded enough to let us choose our own paths and ways. I’m glad I walked down Nudist Lane, so to speak. Granted, I wasn’t a child any more, but I was still “young enough” in starting to fully enjoy it, knowing I would do so for a long time. Now I’m 59 and it seems as if I enjoy being clothes-free more and more each year. I have no explanation for it and I darn well don’t need one.

Nude child with bouquet (image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons)

If everyone’s kid would just be so lucky – and have an earlier start!

Children should be immersed in the lifestyle and later given the choice to continue or leave. It’s a part of growing up and making educated choices. Unlike those who remain in the textile realm and condemn us, the ones who know how good it is (mentally and physically) to shed our clothes and enjoy life the way we were born.

To everyone, including children, I proclaim:

BN (Be Naked), not BS!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Naturist kids”

  1. Many years ago my GF and I were visiting a lake in the National Forest in far East Texas. Her young daughter was with us. A Forest Service Ranger stopped by and we were chatting. The child became impatient with the adult conversation and spoke up. “Come on! Take off your shorts so we can go swimming!” The Ranger just chuckled.
    Her penchant for shedding clothes was infectious as most of her young friends would follow suit (birthday). Her mom and I agreed that it was completely natural and healthy.

  2. Same attitude in the Netherlands. NFN’s members magazine few months ago published an article making the case that taking children to nudist venues should not be done because of the risk of photos of them ending up in the hands of pedophiles.

    Which is no different than not allowing nudists to be unclothed at nudist venues because there might be gawkers around.

    1. Exactly. (Ik heb dat artikel ook met interesse gelezen.)
      Yesterday I also listened to a podcast from The naturist Living Show in which Stephane talked with Nick and Lins from Naked Wanderings about pictures getting out in the open.

      Dank je voor je reactie / Thanks for your reaction!

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