A day at a sauna

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I spent a day at a sauna. A Wellness resort, as it describes itself.

It was great. A whole day of relaxing without the need to wear clothes. Can you think of a better way to spend a day?

I can.

Spending a week like that. Maybe not a whole week at a wellness resort, but in the nude? I’d take it!

I keep being surprised about how wonderful such a day is. Total relaxation, no need to wear clothes. We had a walk outside to cool down. It started to rain. No problem. Who cares about getting wet when it cools you down directly at skin level?

Days like that should be obligatory, at least once a month but preferably once a… day? At least the walking around nude part, without people throwing a hissy fit over that.

I had a good laugh when we walked along and, at a separate building, a relax room with a view over a large pond, there was a bucket with umbrellas waiting for those who were in need of one. Note that I didn’t see anyone there who was holding an umbrella. Naked people in the rain don’t need those things. When it’s too cold out there, an umbrella won’t make much difference anyway.

A stupid thing of many Dutch saunas is that they introduce more and more bathing-suit-days. What the bleep? Who wants to sit in a hot, wet sauna with such stuff clinging to you? Prudishness seems to be more important than hygiene, because all the bacteria you sweat out get stuck to your privates if you keep fabric wrapped up there. Eeeuw….

Do you have a favourite spa, sauna, wellness place, or another way to relax in such a manner? If so, spread your knowledge down here and you might inspire people to go there as well.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “A day at a sauna”

  1. The early pioneers who started those saunas knew what they were doing and did it for a reason. They were created for health reasons, both physically and mentally. Time has passed the reasons seem to have been forgotten. Going to a sauna these days is more for a social status rather than for health and healing. So it is lost on them the value and benefits it is to fully expose the naked body to the healthy aspects of a sauna.

    1. Unfortunately you are right on the modern state of the sauna. So many folks think it’s just a fun thing to do, something to pass the time.
      Just like the original ideas of naturism and their health ideas, these too are dwindling.

  2. As much as I hate commercialism, franchising has brought consistency and availability to the masses in many products and services. It would be great if saunas were to be franchised and as popular as gyms. Maybe more people would relax more often, and gain a better appreciation for the human body.

    1. I agree. Provided that those saunas would keep to the rules and make people be there naked. I am worried about the bathing-suit days…

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