A naturist’s view on dick pics


Yes. Dick pics. You saw that. A few days ago I heard a podcast in which, among other things, was a mention of dick pics. Before you jump to conclusions: this is not an invitation to send them in. Quite the contrary.

So why a blog post about dick pics?

In the podcast they talked about the fact that women who dare to show themselves online in a naturist forum or on social media, either dressed or undressed, are amazingly quickly ‘treated’ to images sent by a certain kind of gentlemen. Images, as you have already guessed, of their penis.

taking a dick pic

Hearing this, I wondered what goes on in the mind of people who do that. They’re clearly not naturists because naturists know better than to surprise people with pictures of certain parts of their anatomy.

A picture of a man’s penis isn’t something most women aren’t waiting for. Following that train of thought, I suddenly wondered how the average, non dick pic sending man would interpret such a surprise. Would you, sir normal nudist or naturist, appreciate a series of images of erect penises as a welcome to a naturist platform? I would absolutely not appreciate that.

Confidence or the lack of it

Woman sex object

Many people wonder why there is such an apparent absence of women in the naturist scene. I think dick pics are part of it, but by far not all of it. They are one expression of the sexualisation of women that’s been going on since far too long. For women it’s difficult to show themselves in this world. Look at how girls in school are being told off if they wear something ‘too revealing’. The daughter of someone I know was sent home because the shoulder straps of her top were too thin; they would ‘sexually arouse’ the boys in her class. How stupid is that? Is it any wonder that children of now are being trained to think that any part of a female body that shows skin has to do with sex? How do women feel when they’re pushed in such a situation?

What’s the reason behind dick pics?

I may be entirely wrong here, but I think they are sent off  by either immature people or by those who think that naturism/nudism focusses on genitals. And boy (or girl), how wrong they are. These people mistake our lifestyle with porn, as so many do. Distasteful? Yes. Disgusting? Yes. Disrespectful? Certainly so! As we know, naturism and nudism is about being free from clothes.

If someone gets ‘treated’ to a dick pic, please send them a link to this blog post so they may learn something. I doubt the message will arrive where it’s supposed to go but never give up hope. Not all of them think with the little head.


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

14 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on dick pics”

  1. Finally, somebody brought up this subject. I am a gay male and a naturist. So many of my friends and acquaintances confuse porn with naturism. I’m always having to tell them the difference. In the gay culture, most men mistake nude pics as an invitation for sex.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree entirely. It’s not just the ladies who are offended either. Perhaps we should react to an unsolicited dick pick as an offering by a man who is so ashamed by the condition of the rest of his body that his penis is the only bit he dares show!

  3. Dick pics are a major problem for many women on line especially naturists and nude models. I know a few female naturists that post pictures and host a blog, and they say that they get 2 dozen dick pics a day. I have a friend in adult entertainment and she says she doesn’t even count the number she receives in a day.

    How to we expect to attract women and families to naturism when there are tons of guys out there doing this!?

    My take on it is that guys that do this believe that the women enjoy seeing their genitals because that is what they are focusing on in the pictures that women post. They have some bizarre belief that women will respond positively, and want to get to know them when the truth is just the opposite. Often their face and bodies are not the most attractive so they won’t share a full body picture. These people are not naturists/nudists. They are horny guys looking for women. Plain and simple.

    1. So true, and isn’t that a sad state of affairs.
      Another bit of proof that all those clothes are only aiding to being sexually repressed and disoriented.

      1. FULLY agreed! Even my wife and most of my friends are sadly victims of the “clothed repression” of the 21st century.

    2. So VERY true! At the very least, these undersexed malcontents should exercise a bit of self control and keep it to themselves!

  4. It’s really just a guy thing. Guys think in terms and ways that most women will not understand and not accept. It’s part of why you take a guy somewhere and tell him he can be naked, and he’ll take his clothes off. Women are different, and they don’t have the same feelings of the need to show off, and be the best, or the most daring. Sometimes, it’s a total pervert that shows you his dick, but sometimes it’s a guy that likes you and is trying to impress you. Sorry, we’re just retarded sometimes.

    1. It’s a strange way to try and impress someone. Perhaps it works in certain circles, but for most women it’s a certain way to chase them off.

  5. even though i,m bisexual, i can honestly say that i hate it when anyone sends a dick pic, regardless of what site i,m on, its almost as if men these days are fixated on their penis

  6. Dick pics are the reason I and many others I know stopped going to MeWe. MeWe is supposed to be a place where nudists can be free to be themselves without censorship, as is the case on FB & Instagram (Twitter is a little better, but not perfect). Unfortunately once there far too many men post dick pics. The last thing I want when I get onto a social media site is someone’s penis staring me in the face. Would you like it if I visited you in your house naked and stood with my penis three inches from your face? No? Why? Because it’s rude and shows disrespect for the other person, male or female. The same applies to dick pics. If you are going to post a picture of yourself nude, don’t take the pic from an angle that accentuates your penis. All you are doing is showing your lack of morals and low IQ. Period.

  7. Ok dudes, let’s put this in perspective. A woman joins a Corvette enthusiast group and posts online a picture of her Corvette. It’s her baby. The only car she has. She was nervous about showing it to the world, because of the wide range of feedback she might get on the shape it’s in.
    She thought she joined a group that appreciated the joy and lifestyle of taking Corvettes out for a Sunday drive on the open road. Then all of a sudden everyone in the group starts sending her pics of their big engines. Though she sees the engine as essential to the mechanics of the open road, it’s not why she joined the group.
    She wanted stories of the adventures driven, the country seen on the drives, the people met along the way, and yes, Pics of your Corvette cruising these places that compliment the stories behind them.
    That’s it. End of story. If she wants a close up shot of your engine, she’ll ask you for it.

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