A naturist’s view on nipples.

Nipples. The dangerous body parts.


Nipples are difficult and dangerous, or so it seems. Even more so than skilled karate hands and tae-kwon-do feet.

blurred nipplesNipples – let me rephrase that – female nipples are so dangerous that they need to be blurred on ‘regular’ television and in most media.

What is wrong with them?

Recently I listened to a podcast of the Naturist Living Show about breasts and nipples. The things I heard there were astounding…

In that show Stéphane talked about a plastic surgeon that corrected breasts, either to enlarge them or to make them smaller, but also how a woman was changed into a man. The odd thing, he said, was that – when the patient was still a woman, her nipples were blurred. After the procedure of removing the male chestbreast tissue was completed (note that this was still the same person but now considered a man), the nipples were shown on television without any form of censorship. The very same nipples! Talk about hypocrisy…

Free the nipple.

It’s because of this idiocy (the only word that fits the bill) that I support movements like Free the Nipple.

Free the nipple

Everyone has a body. A body is natural. Why should specific, tiny parts of the female body be regarded as dangerous, illegal, immoral or otherwise be put in a bad light?

Free the nipple. Free the body. Every body.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on nipples.”

  1. It’s a stupid double standard and unfair to over half the population.You might want to check out the Topless Topics videos on Vimeo.Cleo has been fighting for this for several years.She also appeared on two podcasts,The Naturist Living Show and the clothesfree life show hosted by Earl D.Funny that womens nipples which actually have a practical purpose are the ones covered.Men’s who have little use can be free.It’s just ridiculous.Great post,just proves once again how silly this culture is about the human body,in this case nipples in particular.

    1. The fact that women’s nipples serve a purpose is precisely why they must be hidden. The infant bottle formula industry has $30 billion in annual sales, even though formula is inferior and bad for babies. Breast shame must be promoted to protect profits at all costs! Read Gabrielle Palmer’s “The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business.”

      1. Thank you for your comment, Frank. Much appreciate it. And I’ll have a look at that publication.
        That’s a serious amount of cash you mention. No wonder nipples are all but outlawed…

      2. And not just the baby formula industry, but the dairy industry as well. They supply the cow’s milk that baby formula is made from.
        And no doubt soy farmers also make a tidy profit on the stuff (especially with the whole “lactose intolerance” and “gluten free” hype that has people invent their own allergies. These allergies do indeed exist but the majority of people claiming to have them don’t).

    2. Thank you for the tip about those videos, Scott. I’ll certainly have a look. I haven’t heard her on the Naturist Living Show podcasts yet but I’ll keep my ears up for her!

  2. I agree it’s idiocy and a double standard. Men got the right to go topless a long time ago. Cultures and religions for thousands of years have been conditioning that males and females must be treated differently, dress differently, etc. Especially the clothing industry, takes advantage of it. Ideas of decency and modesty are arbitrary and subjective. A woman showing her shoulders, navel, ankles or a little bit of leg was once scandalous. Now it’s the shocking “nip-slip”. Conversely, men may be expected to wear baggy swim trunks covering more lower body, but it’s okay for women to wear tiny thongs on beaches. Many body parts are multi-functional. Hands and mouths are used for sex. They can also be dangerous. Why aren’t they indecent and covered for modesty? It makes more sense than covering harmless nipples. No body part is inherently indecent or shameful regardless of age or gender. Yes, free women’s nipples. Then free everything else for both genders!

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