Who are you converting?

Converting to nudism.

Yes. You. Are you converting people to naturism and/or nudism?

And if so, do you have any success with that? Please share.

I never try to convert people to nudism and I have several reasons for that.

Reason 1: Respect.

If you’re pushing your opinion onto other people, you show a total lack of respect. Note that this is not the same as telling people what you think and feel.

Do you like having people going on and on, taking up your time, talking about things you know you don’t want to hear? Probably not. It’s that with our way of life.

Sometimes people aren’t ready for it and they don’t want to hear about it constantly, no matter how good your intentions are. Respect other people’s opinion and way of life.

Reason 2: Being ready.

People can be not ready to engage in naturism. You need to understand that they, like everyone of us, grew up in their own environment with their own beliefs and convictions.

Many of them ‘know’ that being naked is not good, abnormal, sinful, not like their God told them to live and whatever other reason you can think of. There are plenty of them.

Trying to convert such people will only make them angry. You’re actually pushing them away from the nude lifestyle. It’s one thing to tell them how you live, another to push them into it. If someone is interested in some way or another, you can talk about it. If they’re still interested you can invite them. Don’t tell anyone he or she has to try it, though. The world and in many cases religion already puts enough ‘have to’s’ on people, having another one is not what most people need.

Reason 3: be the change.

Mahatma Gandhi

This is the only proper way to demonstrate how you feel, how you are and how you wish to continue. Tell people who you are and what you are. See if they are curious. If not: at least you have told your story. If yes: they will ask more.

Be the one you say you are. If you say you love to be naked and you have the option to be naked at home: do it. Tell the people they ‘risk‘ seeing you undressed when they come to visit. There’s always the option for them to warn you that they’re coming and please put something on. At that point it’s up to you do do that or decline that. Here comes the respect part again as well. It’s partly from your side but certainly also from their side. If they can’t respect you to be the way you want in your home then they should invite you over to their home.

End words.

Maybe you agree with all this. Maybe you have entirely other ideas. I respect that. These views are mine.

Whatever you feel, thank you for reading this far. If you have something to say about it, there’s always the comment box. Share your ideas. Tell me about them.

Teach me, expand my knowledge, but don’t try to convert me.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Who are you converting?”

  1. I wouldn’t call it converting what I’m doing. I’m spreading a message. First I did it with my webshops, now with my personal naturist blogs. And by telling what naturism is about. Sometimes I ask a non-naturist if he/she/they want to join us. Sometimes they say yes, sometimes they don’t. The ones that say no are being left alone. I’m not going to bother them with it. The ones that say yes, join us. And if they like it they join us several times. But the converting is done by themselves. I only show them the way

  2. I agree almost 100% with your views. There is an English saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”. I think that applies.

    I have a relevant story:

    I have the use of a local private swimming pool. The owners allow friends to book a 1 hour slot, during which time they have exclusive use [a small fee is paid that goes to charity]. Initially I went there alone or with my wife. Obviously I would not wear anything to swim in such a private place.

    I found that I was lonely, when going alone, so asked a friend along, explaining my dress code. She said she was fine with that, but would keep her costume on [and I was fine with that]. Over time, several other friends similarly kept me company. One day, the friend was a lady, whom I did not know that well. She was friendly, but quite quiet and shy. On her second visit, I was swimming and became aware that she had entered the pool. I could see that she had left something by the side of the pool [it was early morning and not very light]. I realized that it was her swimsuit. She later told me that, even though she is nearly 60, she had never been skinny dipping before and thought she’d give it a try. She said she had enjoyed it.

    I was pleased on two counts. I am always impressed by people trying something new. And I was pleased that she felt “safe” with me to do so.

    Leading by example seems the best way to “educate” most people.

    1. That’s a fabulous story, Colin, thank you for sharing it. Sometimes it just takes something simple to ‘lead’. Just acting naturally is the best way, I’d say. 🙂

  3. I’ve casually mentioned it to close friends and it sometimes sparks a conversation. I’ve had five friends visit my club with me and a few others have expressed interest but never made the time to go. I also have several friends who will never go but they laugh about it with me and we treat it as a funny, fun little quirk.

    My wife ocasionally goes but she isn’t all that into the lifestyle. Years of living in Florida have thinned her blood so it has to be a very hot day for her to attend. She often works on weekends so that’s when you will find me at my club or freehiking. Thankfully, she is onboard with our 8-month-old son participating in the lifestyle.

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