Lanzarote. My second visit. Part 2.

A nude dinner.

Yup. It happened. I didn’t know it happened every Thursday evening. A restaurant here, the Jardin Tropical, hosts a naturist dinner every week on Thursday. You have to book it in advance so they can set the right amount of tables, the price is nothing but reasonable (I paid €16,90 plus drinks) and the food is very good.


If you’re a vegetarian you can say so when you book your seat and all will be taken care of.

Nude group.

It was an amazing experience to join 19 others for dinner in the nude. That evening there were 20 people which, according to the waitress, was a new record. There was a nice mix of people there. Some from Sweden, some from Germany (there are many Germans in Charco del Palo), British and French, and a few Dutch people like me. Save 1 Swedish man everyone knew English so that made talking with everyone quite easy. Note that some people had ‘interesting’ accents, but that was fine and fun.

nude in the streetIt’s really a fabulous feeling to shower and after drying off you’re ready to go out to dinner. The whole experience of walking around nude here, all through the small town, is one I can’t get enough of, and meeting other nude people out there, in the streets, is a kick. As was this nude dinner I was part of.

Something really funny happened while we were eating: two people came in. Dressed. They had more than a bit of surprise seeing the restaurant loaded with naked folks having a good time! They took it well though. They had something to drink at the bar and then left quickly. I still grin when I think of it.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Lanzarote. My second visit. Part 2.”

  1. Very nice, sounds like a great place and time. We have always found the look on other peoples faces when observing our nudity in unexpected places to be quite amusing. 🙂

  2. Lanzarote sounds like a great place to vacation. I wonder if any Americans go there. It is a very long way from Texas. Was there any clothing required at all or towels required at the restuarant?

    1. The Jardin Tropical was the only restaurant with a naturist evening, the rest required clothes. I visited those too, simply took shorts and shirt with me and put them on right outside their door.
      The naturist evening at the Jardin did require towels, of course.
      I did speak with 2 Americans over there, but it’s indeed a long haul from Texas…

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