Europe’s winter

Let’s be honest: in most parts of western Europe this winter’s a laugh if it wasn’t such a sad thing.

Many people think that naturism and winter doesn’t mix. I’ll grant you that many opportunities aren’t the best during winter, but with a proper winter when there’s snow and a day with sunshine, there are still things you can do. For instance you could go for a hike:

Naked snow hike

It may sound mad but if there’s no wind this is actually quite nice.

If there’s a proper winter and some lake around you could also do this:

I’m not entirely certain if I’d be into this, although I’ve once participated in a frosty New Year’s dive. These things are fun to do.

This year’s winter is a never-ending rain shower combined with too much wind. The combination makes it very unlikely that (m)any naturists go out for hikes, walks or so, as the temperatures aren’t up to level for that. Roll on, summer. I can live with you.

Author: Paul

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2 thoughts on “Europe’s winter”

  1. – It may sound mad but if there’s no wind this is actually quite nice.

    you’d be amazed the sort of temps the body can deal with as long as there is no wind, my last retreat taught me that! Shoes however are a must as is a bag with a nice towel and thermos with hot chocolate, especially if you go for a dip (though often the water temp is well above the air temp, so then a good roll in the snow is essential) <—- only if you are cognisant of your body, are sensible and within a short walking distance of a place like a house or something obvs!

    1. Totally true. The wind is the big breaker in winter. I once was walking along in the snow, no wind and the sun shining. Goodness, it was actually warm!

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