What do you do?

As I was in the kitchen, cooking dinner, suddenly this question popped into my head as I was thinking about why some people shun naturism. Many of them consider naturism from (as we all know) the wrong viewpoint. They think that it’s not pleasant to look at all those bodies that “aren’t nice to look at”. And a moment later it hit me why these people are wrong (at least in my idea).

They go to look at bodies.

Naturists don’t go out to look at bodies. Of course, I see the bodies of the people I meet, but I go out for the people.

I’ve met the most wonderful, interesting and kind people in nudist/naturist settings. Honest people. Fun people. Shy people. Weird people.

But always real people who don’t feel the need to hide behind fabrics. It’s one of the things I like a lot about naturists; they are themselves. Natural. Au naturel.

People who think that nudist areas are places to gawk at people are wrong. Wrong.

Author: Paul

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7 thoughts on “What do you do?”

  1. We think many visitors to our resort only come to see others nude. Since it’s C/O many never get nude themselves but spend the day observing others. Admit it or not most people to varying degrees are voyeurs. They love seeing others nude as long as they themselves are not seen.

    1. I go to a nudist resort or park to see other people nude and socialize nude. All the differences in human bodies is wonderful. People who don’t want to see bodies that “aren’t nice to look at” should not go to any public pool or beach where bodies are mostly uncovered either. Some people go there to gawk, too. If people could be nude at all beaches, parks, resorts and recreational areas, it would be just a way to be casual and comfortable.

      1. Don, well said. My wife and I both love our social nude life. She has said for several years now that it’s the most comfortable she has ever been in her life. The non judgmental side of it was what sold her on it as opposed to her work place where she was constantly judged by the other females in the office for dressing too sexy or whatever. Plus you also learn how beautiful people can be on the inside as well.

  2. > People who think that nudist areas are places to gawk at people are wrong. Wrong.

    absolutely, Gawkers tend to be very uninteresting people as well with very little to say. If you meet someone interesting, there’s no time for Gawking, you’re too busy chatting : )

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