12 thoughts on “Happy newd year to all visitors and friends of zjuzdme.org!”

  1. Happy Nude Year to you as well, Paul. May the coming year be a productive one for you. Stay naked, stay happy!

  2. Paul, Today is my nude birthday! I am 70 years young and plan to stay nude and active all year. I have many more years of nude living ahead of me and I look forward to every one of them! Thanks for being such a great Dutch nude friend of mine! Stay in touch!

  3. We wish you a most “HAPPY NUDE YEAR” my friend. May everyday be one that warms not only the body but also the soul. 🙂

    1. A wonderful comment to start the Nude 2016 just right. Today is my birthday and I appreciate your comment, too! You are wonderful friends to know and chat with!

    1. Good Morning,

      Paul is a fine Dutch naturist who really posts interesting pic and topics on his blog page for the rest of us to look at read and reply to. I have read all of his books with much interest because he has the ability to write naturist based stories that keep my interest and keep me wanting to read more. He is a fine author! As long as he posts new pics and articles and new Naked Crow books I will always look, read and enjoy. Have a great day Don!

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