Naked meditation – 6. Progress

Welcome to part 6, probably then end of this short and simple trip into the world of meditation. How are you doing? Are you feeling more comfortable with meditating? Do you experience anything out of the ordinary?

If you want you can post your experiences here in the comments. If you feel unsure that’s a good idea you can of course always drop me an e-mail.

Note for norther hemisphere people: the weather is getting colder now. If you notice that meditating isn’t going that great because you focus on shivering, be smart and pull a blanket or so around you.There’s no need to feel cold while meditating – in fact that won’t help you at all. Don’t use anything restricting like clothes: a blanket will work. You’ll be naked and warm beneath that.


If you already feel that this form of meditation is not working for you, that’s okay. Perhaps you are not one for a “sitting still meditation”. You can look for a yoga class near you and practise the forms you learn there naked, at home. Or you might even find a naked yoga class near where you live. Just don’t give up on this form of meditation too quickly. As I said before, it may take weeks or even months for your overloaded mind to accept this peace and quiet-stuff as a good thing. It will happen.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “Naked meditation – 6. Progress”

  1. Paul, I want to thank you for posting the segments on naked meditation. My mind is busy with daily things right now. But I will remember and revisit all your posts on meditation and will relax and open my body to mental peace and physical rest for my body. I respect you for taking the time to share with me and others what will make us happy in the long run!

    1. Dear Patrick, I am very happy that my little series on meditation, nude or otherwise, means something to you. If I reach only 1 person then the effort was entirely worth the time I put into it.
      🙂 Rest well, and peace be with you. Naked peace is even better, we both know that. 🙂

      1. Paul, Thanks so much for your encouraging response. When I practice meditation it will always be nude and I will think of your part in my nude meditation! Thank you my nude friend!

  2. – There’s no need to feel cold while meditating – in fact that won’t help you at all

    Exactly, all it will do is distract you. You would not try meditating with a tv on (unless it was meditative music lol)

    from my personal experiences, the “without-mind” meditation is the most difficult. It is the most rewarding as well which probably explains why it is so difficult to achieve, at least for any decent amount of time. Our minds naturally want to think, and when we try to shut them off… they think about why we are not thinking!

    My personal longest period of time (only known thanks to a wrist monitor) was just shy of 13 minutes, but those 13 minutes were without time for me. I can do it now, with about a half an hour of “pre-meditation” time and for me personally (your mileage may vary) one of the ways i learned to shut my mind off completely was with a nude half-handstand. You might also know it as an inversion stand.

    i kept my neck more aligned with my feet higher up the wall to not over-exaggerate my natural feminine pelvic tilt.

    This sort of goes against the completely still without tension idea, but it worked for me and we have a sturdy wall with a forgiving floor in one of our rooms which also happens to be the most naturally soundproofed room in our house. I also did something which might seem opposite to creating a “mindlessness” atmosphere which was play some relaxing music at a reasonable volume, because silence or low volume music causes my mind to think so, i set it at “conversation level” so not too loud but not quiet, then i burned one of my more essential oils in a candle oil burner, it was not overpowering very mild actually and then began. This position worked very well for me, and also since i do not have large breasts, there is no “hanging tension” to speak of, and since i have a lot of experience being inverted, the common issues newbies have of the head blood rush were not a concern for me as my body is healthy and is able to fight gravity 😀

    For newbies though, the lay flat method is definitely the best but whichever way you choose, just know that you might not be able to achieve it immediately, or even on your second or third try- it does take some dedication and practice…

    but like anything in this life, dedication and perseverance is rewarded <3

    1. Everyone has their own preferred way to meditate (or not to meditate, I guess).
      With or without sound is up to oneself.
      Cold however… is not a good idea.

    1. I have heard of such chambers. I’ve never been in one. It would be interesting for me, because “no sound” doesn’t exist for me. Tinnitus always is there with its beep and screech.

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