Clothes. Why.


clothesYour clothes. You wear them.

Not because it’s cold but because you’re told to wear them.

There is a reason for clothes, but not all the time.

tight-clothes-250811Clothes, they are normal. Clothes are a must. You must cover your body for nude bodies are bad. Didn’t you know? Your body is vile, ugly, nasty, no one should see it.

For heaven’s sake.

clothes_too_tight_copyBut clothes limit your freedom. They hide who you are.

Well done you clothes-wearers, for with all your stripes and colours, your baggy trousers and your bulge, you all look the same.

Naked_humanWhy is nakedness shameful? Is there anything wrong with a healthy body? Why has the world gotten so obsessed with nudity that people are less afraid of a gun than of a naked man? Or woman?

Why do we need energy-devouring air-conditioners? To keep us cool underneath all those wonderful layers of clothes that keep us covered. People get nervous breakdowns over not being able to get the clothes that are in fashion.

Go naked. Your skin is always in fashion.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Clothes. Why.”

  1. We are nude at home all the time. We do still enjoy our A/C but our thermostats are 8-10* higher than our neighbors.

      1. I’m an older person and kinda I’ll but I can clearly remember, vividly, much of the hell raising I did and much to my surprise. .Survived. The best times were always when I was naked. I rarely ever wear any clothes now.In all of these years and years my love for the Naturist life has only grown…
        have a good life
        have fun and stay naked

  2. I agree with the final statement of this post. I am totally naked and comfortable right now!

  3. I’ve just read that wonderful piece about the need to mature and understand the true benefits of nudism and naturism as a way to a more sane and happier lifestyle. .and I may add that the healthful benefits diverged from this natural way of life are spiritual and physical. God made me the way I look so I have to wonder why is it a crime to be nude outside of your home or if you’re seen by someone outside of your home. The truth and facts about this our way of life can easily be found anywhere. .literally anywhere. It feels wonderful and you don’t have to do drugs to get high…
    anyway, thanks for the post .. I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who wants to be naked as much as possible. I always go to nude beaches because swimming naked is incomparably better.

    1. I agree with your comment, Chris. Except for buying groceries or anything else in today’s society, I do not wear clothes. I am a nudist and enjoy not wearing anything inside my apartment. Nudity is a stress reliever for the high-stress world we live in. Stay nude as much as possible even if it is somewhere other than a nude beach!

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