Perhaps the best post ever.

I know, this raises expectations. Be the judge yourself.

A while ago I posted about my neighbour who found out I’m a nudist and that I like to go around naked in my own house. He does not want his daughter and her kids to see me naked. Last week I was changing the bedding. I was naked. It had been very hot (93F) the day before, and the night hadn’t been cool either so I had opened the window and the curtains to air the place. Then I heard kids. I turned and saw two children I had seen before. At the local nude beach. They’re brother and sister, 8 and 10 I think.

Kraayenbergse Plas
Local nude beach

I know them and their parents. The kids recognised me and said they were visiting their grandparents next door with their mother, and they were playing outside on the gallery. Their grandma had told them about my cats (they sit looking out the bedroom window quite often) and the kids asked if they could play with them.

I said that was fine if their mother had no problems with that. They went to ask and mom was fine with it. I was already grinning, because clearly this lady’s parents didn’t know she was a regular at our local nude beach.

The kids came in and asked (!) if they could take off their clothes as well, “because we do that at home too”. Of course, go ahead, but I told them to be careful with the cats; their claws are sharp. The kids had a good time with the cats, I finished the bed and then their mother called at the door. She came in and we had a nice talk. She seems a bit stressed about her parents and them being opposed to anything showing skin more than a finger or a nose. They had told her (actually warned her) about me. She thanked me for allowing the kids be the way they liked to be and then they left.

This encounter still has me laughing. I’ll probably run into the family again at the nude beach and I am not sure if I can keep back my laughter when I see my neighbours again.

Author: Paul

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14 thoughts on “Perhaps the best post ever.”

  1. Amazing story. Since my partner (who is not a nudist ) is now getting used to the fact that I am naked in the house all the time. I enjoy the freedom of not having any constraints from clothing. I did advise my neighbors of 15 years that I am a nudist and hopefully won’t mind or be shocked if they happen to see me naked in the yard. I am not purposefully flaunting my nudism on them. If I am outdoors I wear my bathrobe and remove it once I am sitting comfortably in a secluded area of the yard. I did do some gardening last summer in the nude knowing our neighbors were away. Maybe this year won’t be an issue.

    1. It was very weird to experience the whole thing. Imagine the grandchildren being naked and happy here without the grandparents knowing… It’s just too sad for words.

  2. I actually found this story to be so typical of many of the mixed families. .you know naturists and textiles. To have to hide and lie about something that is good for the family and friends.

  3. Paul, I am laughing to myself after reading your post! It is funny how the kids had no problem being nude and normal. The grandparents probably DON’T know that their daughter is a naturist and that she goes to a nude beach! Now that’s funny and sad at the same time. Funny because the daughter has never told her parents that she is a naturist and her kids are too. Sad because the daughter is afraid of what her parents may say and what others will think. Who CARES?! She is an adult and can live her life as she wants whether her parents approve of her lifestyle and how she is raising their grandchildren. I plan to marry and the woman I plan to marry has told me that she will embrace the nudist/naturist lifestyle and we will raise our children as nudist/naturist. We will both teach them by example that their bodies are beautiful to see and they should never be ashamed of their bodies.

    1. I have to laugh about it too, trust me. And at the same time I feel so sorry for the parents and their daughter, both scared to touch the subject…

  4. Imagine the grandparent’s horror if they had found out that the naked man next door spent the afternoon playing with their naked grandkids! Someone surely would have wound up in jail; either the ‘child molester’ or Grandpa for shooting you! 😉

    1. Uhm. Yeah. Things might almost get out of hand that badly, if all would go pear-shaped so badly!
      I’m glad nobody got jailed as the afternoon was quite a nice and relaxed one. Kids and cats had a good time and everyone was happy. 🙂

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