Dawn Porter.

Dawn Porter is a BBC reporter who has taken several steps into the empowerment of the female body. This is one of the videos that speaks to me. It’s really good. The most fabulous in this video is (I think) that people don’t turn away disgustedly but look and applaud these women. All the nannying of governments and other prudish institutions are proven wrong by each of them. Enjoy!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Dawn Porter.”

  1. One very far sighted lady there are to meany people who think nudity is rude & should not be allowed its the most free felling there is every community should have a nude day/days

  2. It takes bold an innovative people like her to get the public to open their eyes to that the fact that nudity is not a bad thing. It was amazing seeing how much fun these ladies had with this.

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