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Alright dear naked readers,

Nude in SpaceI need your help. I’m looking for books that include naturism/nudism in a decent way. A bit like the Naked Crow books I’ve written. So far I’ve found “Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw” which was an entertaining book (despite the horrible editing and the mistakes in it), and also a book by Robert Longpré about travelling to Santiago de Compostella, “A Small Company of Pilgrims“. The last book on naturism I found and read was “Being Naked“, a short but very honest and wonderful read. Do you know of other good naturist books? I really want to know because I’m curious how many decent books about naturism and accepted nudity are out there.

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Castaway by Lucy Irvine is pretty good. It’s a true account of herself and a companion living on a deserted island with no technology. Nudism is not central to the story, by any means. She chooses to live without clothes from the start but finds herself covering up when people visit the island. Her companion remains cloyhed throughout. So the naturism in the story is a microcosm of what we often see in the larger world.

    I read it lion Kindle so it’s probably available on all ereaders.

  2. I can recommend “Paul & James’s Naturist Adventure” by Nigel Keer it’s a charming, heart warming story of two teenagers who discover naturism. It’s a nice book.

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