Nude art?

This is an older video and it’s in German but don’t let that put you off. The title of the video is A Chair for the Brave.

The supporting text on Youtube says:

When you’re brave you can become part of a piece of art. A simple chair waits for someone to sit down on it. The catch is that this person needs to be undressed. This idea stems from the artist Franz West who died last year. (Note: this video is from 2013.)

I think this is a brilliant bit of video and the stunning thing is that even when the people who undress and sit down on it aren’t avid nudists, they all were impressed how natural it feels. The young lady at 1 min 48 seconds says, “It’s a bit of a threshold you have to get over at first but after undressing there’s nothing to it.”

At 2 min 40 the artist says, “If you consider how ‘naked’ we are these days, with all the scandals around listening devices and how health care insurances can deny you medication or other help if you didn’t do all you can to keep fit, then there is no way that we can still provoke people by the view of a real naked person.”

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