chairiconDo you know we all sit too much?

And do you know that too much sitting around isn’t good? Don’t worry, this is not going to be a post about all the things that are good for you because what’s good for one doesn’t have to be good for the other.

It’s just something I want to draw attention to because it’s something we probably almost all are doing. Sitting too much.


I noticed this with myself too. I used to get home after a day at work (where I mostly sit)  and after dinner or whatever the time is I would sit (!) down at my computer and check mails, share and read on the few social media that still allow nudity and then I’d write.

The Naked Crow books require a lot of writing, so they also require a lot of computer work. (No, I’m not doing all that writing by hand!) And computer work is usually done sitting, until I had a great idea. Well, I think it was great then and I still think it is:
I got a simple high bar-table and put my laptop on it. I now switch my computer work between sitting at the desktop (above) and standing at the laptop (left). And I can tell you that wasn’t easy at first. My legs had to get used to this VERY much. In the beginning I could barely stand for 10 minutes. Now I’m doing better. I can stand at the laptop for 2 hours without a problem. The thing to remember is that you occasionally have to move about, use your legs. Otherwise you get painful feet and knees. It’s the joints that then get the rough times.

I don’t know if you have experienced something like this already. If you did and you went for a solution, good for you. If you didn’t yet, maybe this post stimulates to think about sitting and how you could avoid doing it too much.


Author: Paul

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