No, my clothes are comfortable!

You may have heard people saying that. My clothes are comfortable. They’d rather say that than drop their clothes and be comfortable.

Here is an example of ‘comfortable clothing’.

It restricts your skin and leaves marks on it. That is no problem of course, because skin is flexible and will restore its normal appearance again after a while but… even when this kind of mark isn’t bad in itself, isn’t that a sign that something’s wrong with clothes when they do that?

I have to wear clothes too; when I go outside, to work, when it’s cold, you probably know the drill. And I never like these odd marks on me when I can finally drop the stuff at the end of the day.

The marks that my clothes leave on me however are nothing compared to this:

This to me looks horrible. I wouldn’t want to have something on me that squeezes so much (it has to, otherwise it can’t leave those marks). This can not be comfortable. Being male I have no experience with bras but… just look at this…

Clothes free life wins for me. My skin fits me perfectly and is always more comfortable than any kind of textile I cover myself with.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “No, my clothes are comfortable!”

  1. Yes clothes are a necessity at times. However the picture of the lady who has just removed her bra illustrates what most women I know say when they get home, “I can’t wait to get this bra off” !! Yes our women pay a price trying to look beautiful !!

    1. Oh, definitely. I know ladies like that too, and even I can hardly wait most of the time to get home and get rid of those things. Not bras of course, but pants, underwear, all that doesn’t feel nice.

  2. Young girls are being taught to wear some kind of “breast-covering” at younger and younger ages, and as a result, they grow up believing that wearing a bra is “normal”. As they get older, they are shamed if they don’t wear a bra. I have a friend who even wears a bra to bed. She had gallbladder surgery recently, and because of the size of her gallbladder, the surgeon had to make an additional incision…between and right under her breasts. As she became more aware. she asked me to bring her one of her bra-tops, because she felt naked without that additional covering. After she got home, and past the “sleeping all the time” stage, even though she can wear a bra-top, she still can’t wear a real bra. Even though she is completely modest with a bra-top, she still feels naked without a real bra on. She told me that “Guys expect her breasts to be a certain shape.” She should dress for comfort, NOT to men’s expectations.

    Heaven-forbid when she doesn’t have panties on. Yes, she even wears panties to bed, along with pajamas. Before she went into the operating room, they removed her panties. When I went up to see her after her surgery, she was almost in a panic because she was laying there in bed WITHOUT PANTIES ON. She was fully covered by the sheet and blankets, so there was no danger of her “showing too much”, but she felt naked without her panties. She was finally able to get a nurse to help her put some panties on. If someone else told me these things about her, I would think that they are crazy, but these are first-hand observations. I know her well, because she has been my neighbor for over 18 months, and I have cared for her through three back surgeries, several ER visits, and three additional hospitalizations. No, I don’t know her THAT well.

    She was raised by very conservative Baptist parents, and this was the way she was raised. She is just one of the countless millions of women who AREN’T comfortable without these excess garments on. Wearing a bra and panties IS their normal.

  3. i agree, how can bras be comfortable? When under my wife after a long day take off her bra I can’t imagine what it’s like to be restricted like that all day! I don’t wear jocks for that very same reason, I hate being restricted!

    1. Sorry autocorrect.
      Meant to say? *When I see my wife*

      Steve made an interesting point, for society to become comfortable with them selfs they need to stop pressuring their kids, and intern the adults to think that wearing clothes is “normal” unfortunately unless the society changes, not much is going to change.

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