Art in the buff

Yes. I’m going to look at art. In the buff. The Dutch Federation of Nudists (NFN) has arranged something extra special. A museum in Amsterdam has an exhibit of 200 replicas of work by Vincent van Gogh, and tomorrow evening there’s a special opening for members of the NFN. I love the work of Vincent van Gogh, so this is a very special occasion to see it in my preferred state!
I’ll report about it after the visit.

Looking at art in the nude
The event as advertised in the Uit! magazine of the NFN

(Image links to the Dutch NFN website which details the event.)

Author: Paul

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One thought on “Art in the buff”

  1. What a novel idea to view art in the nude. Makes sense to me. The only thing that would top that would be for the art to be nude. That’s what we are planning here on Miami Beach next fall. — Shirley

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