Naked Crow – a follow-up

Hi, everyone.

I’m entirely blown away by the amount of people who’ve purchased a copy of Naked Crow. Even more so because of all the positive comments I received about the book, and the very nice review that appeared on the HomeClothesFree Bookclub. It’s obvious that there are by far not enough books that deal with nudism, naturism and (social) nudity in a serious way.That’s why I’ve decided to write a sequel to Naked Crow. I think I have a very nice problem lined up for Sheila and her friends for this book.

I had already started to write a new book that involves nudism/naturism, a science fiction which will probably be called Nude in Space, although that’s the working title for now. When there’s something noteworthy to mention about either of those writing projects, I’ll drop a note here.

Thank you to everyone who talks about Naked Crow and who promotes the clothes-free lifestyle!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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