News about the naturist’s trial

Delftse Hout. Sign states “Nude recreation”

The Dutch NFN (organisation for Dutch naturists) has taken the step to demand that all charges for all the naturists are dropped that received a ticket for being naked on the former nude beach in Delft. (Original article in Dutch here.)

Despite the many acquittals the NFN is not pleased with the verdict of the judge. The criteria of 150 (other/dressed) beach visitors is completely arbitrary and practically unmaintainable and for that reason it should be withdrawn. The adequacy of the beach can’t have changed all of a sudden because of a number. All the fined people as well as the NFN state that the beach was perfectly suited for nude recreation at the moment of the fines and they wish to see this affirmed in an appeal.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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