13 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. would love to scuba dive someday but somewhere shallow.. i have kind of a fear of deep water and being eaten by a giant whale.. (seriously) but the man in the photo has to wear that vest or there would be no where for all the stuff to go!

    1. The vest keeps the air tank in place and it also creates buoyancy (you can inflate/deflate it using the air in the tank).
      Going snorkling is almost the same experience without all the ballast, though, and closer to the surface you see the prettiest things. Going lower it get dark quickly.
      (Yes, I did some scuba diving.)

  2. and you have not been eaten by a whale so, my chances are good too! Snorkelling might be a better choice for me personally

  3. sorry if it is a silly question but would the same sort of rules about public nudity, like depending on countries and stuff, would it apply to snorkeling naturally? all of the retreats we have been to have been on land or had rivers and stuff, not oceans so yeah..

    1. That is an unfortunate reality, indeed. You’d have to find a remote spot where no one would be disturbed by the sight of nude people, or a spot where naturists gather.

    1. That is smart. Snorkels come in many shapes and sizes. Never get one with a ball that closes off air when you go underwater. If the thing doesn’t open when you come up again, that can spell trouble.

      1. Why would anyone make something so insane?! like okay if you go underwater, the water will go into the tube but thats a easy fix right?

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