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Here is a very good article on how to prepare for nude hikes: The Art of Free Hiking | Naturist State. Please enjoy a snip from the post:

Finding the right spot

The first and foremost task is to pick a track that is a little out of the way, not so popular, or a little tricky to get to. The rougher a track is, the less likely it is to be used frequently. The type of people that are likely to use the track are probably keen hikers who might be a little more receptive to you than day trippers out for a Sunday stroll with their kids.

Ideally you want to find a track that has a single entry point and car park, so when you’re there you can ascertain if anyone else is on the track. If the car park is empty, this is a good sign nobody’s around. It’s not an assurance, but a pretty good indicator.

More at: The Art of Free Hiking | Naturist State.

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