A clothing optional world

Yes. That would be good. A world where everyone is free to wear everything, some of it or none of it. A kind of ‘all you can bare’ world.

It would solve a lot of problems for everyone.

  • Nudists and naturists would be able to go around without clothes wherever they’d like to.
  • People who want to try it once in a while can go as they want to, with or without clothes.
  • The people who can bear to bare only parts of themselves would be able to bare it all partially.
  • And the people who want to dress ‘as usual’ can do just that.

Am I the only one who sees the benefits of that? There would be no more reason for one group to look down at the other, no more reasons to justify what you do or don’t. It would give the ultimate freedom to humanity.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “A clothing optional world”

  1. Women wouldn’t be labeled “sluts,” wouldn’t be blamed for their own sexual harassment, rape, or other unwanted advances due to the fact that they aren’t wearing clothes or wearing enough clothes. Children wouldn’t be labeled as “mentally ill” for refusing to wear clothes. Men wouldn’t be called “gay” for being around other men who are naked.

    More equality, less hate 🙂

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