UK Places where I hiked nude

Okay, the places I am listing are not official nude hiking places, I took a risk there and luckily nothing out of the ordinary happened.

1st: Forest of Dean, on Speech House Road (Gloustershire) :

forest of dean 1
forest of dean 1This is a scaled image to give you an idea of where the walk was.

forestdean01This above is the actual walk. The trail looks a bit odd. At the 2 (km sign) the area is covered with cut down trees where occasionally a truck will come to pick up wood. The trail I followed is a path through the forest which is quite easy to follow.

2: Forest of Dean, walk around Woorgreens Lake. Again first an overview of the area. The parking is on the right hand side when you come from Cinderford. It’s not signposted unfortunately, but when you come near it (don’t drive to fast) you see a double entrance to your right.

forest of dean 2
Woorgreens Lake

forestdean02This is an amazing 4km walk through forest, heather and around the lake. There are wider roads/paths where you may run into textiles, so be aware of that.

Next hike also in the Forest of Dean, near Blakeney Hill Wood:


Blakeney Hill

At the starting point near the road is a small “parking space”. Walk along the path and turn right, going parallel to the road. Drivers will hardly see you through the bushes as they’re focussing on the road. At the end (1) before you reach the road you can turn left and climb up. It’s a bit steep in places so don’t go too fast. At the end (2) I reached a wider path again and doubled back to the car.

Oxfordshire: locate the tiny village of Waterperry with Thornley, and from there find “Smith’s Lane”. At the end on the right is a fenced entry to a farmhouse, straight on is the path detailed here, starting at the red dot:

Oxfordshire WaterperryI walked down the path, turned right into a field and strolled around that (1). Not spectacular but it adds to the distance and the liberated feeling. Back on the path and further there’s a trail to the left (2) which I walked up until I found a fence, climbed over that, walked along the field until coming close to a farm and doubled back. (3) is below (5) which is where I then turned left, further along the path until I hit a dead end (large field), so I went back and discovered a walking trail that’s also used for horse-riding (there is a sign which also warns there can be shooting, so beware of that). Following along (4) I hit a wider path so I doubled back again and turned left (5) to go back to my car, which I could entirely did nude. Only had 1 encounter with people who had a dog with them. The dog was a warning so I slipped on shorts for a few minutes until they were out of sight. This was a 5.5km walk and very enjoyable.

Have questions about these trails? Let me know, maybe I can answer or help out.

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