4 thoughts on “Question for naturists / nudists”

  1. Honestly the choice was not given or presented to me like i was way way young when i started and no one told me to or asked me to try it was just a natural state for me and with my mum before she passed & dad both having lived the life it just made sense. The choice is probably a lot more difficult for older people and there are probably a lot of factors or life situations and choices that make someone decide they want to return to a more natural state of things but for me, there was no choice.. there was just “I am” and i am biased of course but i truly feel that it helped me be more body positive, more self aware, Closer to my Dad who was and has done an excellent job as a single father and have a more healthy connection to my place in the world. It kind of feels almost like cheating at life, making things easier that people around me, even my friends find difficult.

    1. This sounds great. And I don’t think you started. You never were held back from it. There’s a world of difference.
      Having a body positive attitude is precious, and that ‘cheating’… I see what makes you feel like that, but it is proof you are doing it right and they are doing it wrong…

  2. It was not my choice, indeed perhaps now I would still be textile and the ideas about nudism and naturism were negative. I was convinced to try nudism and after trying it, I perceived the limitations of the clothes and the annoyance they cause, moreover the desire to be free and the well-being that nudity provides, have never left me, pushing me to undress. Gradually I got used to nudity, to my naked body, I lost my shame, modesty and I got rid of many mental complexes. In a short time I also became a nudist. Nudism has literally transformed my life (nudism changes your life), but it has changed for the better, now I am freer, closer to nature. I am happy to live naked and free and when possible return to nature free. For me it is no longer possible to go back to textiles, even if I wanted to (and don’t want to).

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