On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Noticing the nude

Some time ago on Twitter there was an interesting thread going on about 'noticing the nude'.

That leads to this question: do you notice when you're nude?

I do. Especially in the first weeks after the seasons that demand almost constant clothing. I don't live in a region where it's easy to be nude all the time, due to the seasonal temperatures. (I'm not talking about being nude outside. I can be nude on the local nude beach 365 days per year, it's just the weather won't always agree with me for that. 😂 )

And, as I've said before, I'm not the kind to crank up the temperature inside to be nude.

Energy prices are the reason for the clothed season, as they are just about everywhere, these days.

So when the temperature goes up and my clothes come off (finally! 😌 ), I do notice being nude clearly for the first few minutes. I get used to that quite quickly; I'm not constantly aware I'm naked, but all through the nude day, I occasionally notice it. "Oh, right. I'm not wearing clothes any more." And those moments get fewer and fewer, but they are always there.

It's not that I feel a shock about it. I've been a nude-lifer far too long to get shocked about nude bodies, definitely my own, but it's not as if I drop the fabric prison and that's it.

The cloth-requiring weather here starts around September and ends around May, sometimes even June, so that's a lot of time for my skin to get used to being enveloped.

It's so necessary for me, I don't worry about it. Sometimes I hear and read about people getting entirely grumpy about having to wear clothes. I'm not like that. I understand their necessity, because of the seasons.

So that's the reason for my question:

Do you notice when you're nude? Even occasionally? Or are you such a seasoned, 365-day-a-year (and sometimes 366) nude-lifer, that being nude is your normal state of being?


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