On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

New discord on the block

Discord logo
Some or many people may already be familiar with this little alien chap.

Its name is Discord. A funny name, as 'discord', according to Merriam-Webster, means: 

a : lack of agreement or harmony (as between persons, things, or ideas)

… must we fall into the jabber and babel of discord while victory is still unattained?
Sir Winston Churchill

b : active quarreling or conflict resulting from discord among persons or factions : strife 
marital discord
discord between the two parties

This being a naturist/nudist/clothes-free/naked-people blog, why do I bring this up?

Discord team naturist
Because there's a nude kid on the block:

Team Naturist has set up a 'server' there.

Don't expect to be served any drinks, it's entirely BYOD, but you can find 'our kind of people' there. Yes, it's another venue for the nakedly inclined to flock together, chat and so forth.

If... you can figure it out.

And... so far... I can't. Truth be told, a few people there already agreed that 'Discord' is confusing to many.

The little alien guy place was originally set up for gamers - at least, that's what I found out.

So, what is this place? I found this for you.

And honestly, after that, I'm still puzzled. I sort of figured out how to chat with people one on one. Then there are lots of 'channels', which makes me think of good old IRC, but it's different. It looks chaotic. It also looks as if everyone is talking at the same time, about all kinds of subjects. At least, in one 'channel' I found, called tni_everyone_chat.

If you're into chatting and perhaps gaming, discord might be the place for you. The system, so far, runs on an invite basis.

If you are interested, contact TeamNaturist in the obvious places, and see if you make it in.