On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Naturist vacations

Do you ever have a vacation? As far as I know, even US-Asians* have those, be it in a limited way.

Map of the Americas
* US-Asians: after being reminded that "America" is the continent and not just the United States of America, "Americans" obviously are those on the entire continent, so I will refer to the people from the USA as US-Asians. 😁

So, with that out of the way...

I love going on vacation. I've been to the US of A at least seventeen times. I've been to Asia several times, to Mexico, and visited lots of places in Europe. The latter is easy as I live in Europe. I've even been in a few North African countries, like Tunesia.

Lately, however, I am torn between going and not going.

Polluting airplane
⬅️ Because of this.

Air pollution. It's bad stuff, and each plane adds to the poorer air quality. Yes, yes, I know that factories spew out crap too, as do cars, trucks, and what-not, but I don't fly to a vacation destination in a factory.

Image of flights on FlightAware

Image taken from www.flightaware.com/live

This image shows the flights on a Friday morning, around 8 o'clock (UTC+2), over part of the USA. It's kind of crazy, isn't it?

It's a very safe way to travel, but also a very damaging way for our environment. I talked about this dilemma with people, and some said: "You're only 1 person. 1 more in a plane won't make a difference."

True, but if 10 million people think that, it will make a huge difference.

Paul on vacation in Wales U.K.
On vacation in Wales, 2016

Honestly, there are lots of places all over the world I'd love to see. I've never been to Alaska or Australia/New Zealand. Brazil sounds great too. But also places closer to home, like Spain (Vera Playa) or going to Fuerteventura again with my girlfriend. Spain itself would be possible by train, even with the mess that I'd get into (international trains in Europe aren't that well organised, and mostly a big puzzle / gamble). Fuerteventura, however, is an island. No train gets there, and getting a train to North Africa, and then a ferry to the island... that would eat up all the vacation time already. I bet it won't be possible to do a nude train vacation... That would be amazing, though!

Closer destinations are easy, in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark even. Belgium (as far as there are nude vacation places) and France are no problem either, but the call of the distance is there.

I wonder what your stance is on this. Do you go because you want to, bugger the consequences and the environment? Are you considering this environmental problem as well? Do you stay close to home, or don't you go anywhere at all?