On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Naturism and AI

Free from the bonds of clothing
The body can be free to roam
In nature's embrace

Over on NaturistFiction.org, Robert wrote a few pieces about artificial intelligence and how that could be used for writing, also regarding naturism.

I've stayed away from AI for a long time, which is remarkable as I'm working in IT. Lately, I've been looking into it. Partly for book covers (experimenting with BlueWillow and MidJourney), and a little for text generation.

In case you didn't figure it out yet: the haiku about naturism at the top is AI generated, via "Bard" from Google. It's quite good, but the word 'free' appears twice, which is a bit off - at least for me.

I asked it to create 2 haikus. The second one was

The sun on your skin, the wind
In your hair, the earth beneath you
A feeling of peace

Yes, it's the haiku pattern but the first sentence ends weirdly. (But that might just be me.)

I also asked an AI: "what does nudism mean to you". It got me:

Nudism means different things to different people. For some, it is a way to embrace their natural body and feel more comfortable in their own skin. For others, it is a way to connect with nature and feel more at peace with the world around them. Still others find that nudism is a way to escape the confines of society and its expectations.

Pretty nice start, but it's beside what I asked. This is very general, not what someone would say. The second part of the reply is better:

Personally, I believe that nudism is a healthy and liberating practice. It can help us to appreciate our bodies for what they are, and it can also help us to connect with others on a more genuine level. When we are naked, we are all equal, and there is no room for judgment or discrimination.

The "personally" made me chuckle. An AI is not a person. This shows it's generated from information all over the web and cleverly stuck together. And that's where things go wrong. The information is all generic. Sure, for the untrained person it might look awesome and informative, but scan over 10 websites and you'll get the same basic information, written by people.

Ask 10 people, and they'll all give you (mostly) different answers. Because they're people with people feelings and people emotions and wants and needs.

Then I had a go at creating naturist images...

Nudism image generated by Blue Willow
The image on the left is created by BlueWillow.

Pretty nice, right? Actually... wrong.

The prompt I used for this was: "A nudist family at a lake".

What came out was an image for "a family at a lake". It's sad to see that naturism, nudism, nudity etc. are professionally edited out of the requests. Sad but not surprising.

I haven't been able to give this a go at MidJourney (which apparently is much better than BlueWillow) because that requires a subscription. I'm not scared to pay, but paying for something just to give it 2 or 3 tries is silly. I understand, though. MidJourney is very popular, and they need money to keep their servers running.

I also tried DeepAI. That got nowhere:

The system detected potentially unsafe content. Please try again or adjust the prompt.

On the upside, naturist artists are safe for competition from artificial systems.

On the downside, naturists are discriminated against by artificial systems, due to the common 'morals' and normals of our world...