On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Naked pets

(The reason for this post is an article on Bored Panda, for which the author reached out to me in an interview kind of way.)

If you don't care to click, or think it's perhaps "TL;DR", the article reports on a young man who got into a fight with his nudist girlfriend because she's nude when her dog is present.

Text snippet from Bored Panda article

I was entirely stunned reading that. I have 2 cats, and before these 2, I had 2 other ones. I'm naked around the house, and my cats don't care. Actually, I'm the one who cares, as cat nails can be sharp. Skin is no match for those.

Paul, vacuum cleaning nude
As with cats, dogs don't care about someone being naked around them. Animals care about being treated well, being played with, getting fed and watered, and generally having a nice home to live in. That sounds a lot like what I feel is good about life too.

Pets are naked (unless you look at some places in the US of A, or perhaps the made folks in e.g. France).

Dressed dog, dressed pet
This is not the way an animal should look. No matter how much the chaste Christians and other, like minded people yell and scream, animals are born naked and live naked. And that's good. Interesting bit of awareness: people are born the same way, and it would be a whole lot better for everyone, including our existence on this planet, to live more naked too. I mentioned that the odd time on this blog.

I am fully behind this girl and her dog, and being naked as she wants to. The guy is a jerk and an idiot, accusing her of bestiality just for that. He should brush up on the meaning of specific words, and I hope she gets rid of him if he doesn't change. No nudist needs that kind of negativity in life.




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