On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

To convert or not to convert

I've been wondering about this for a while.

When we, naturists and nudists alike, are trying to coax clothed people into trying the naked way of life, are we trying to convert them? Are we trying to open their eyes to 'the light', so to speak? Or are we trying to broaden their horizon, to understand that what we're doing isn't as bad / sinful / sexual / etc as the mainstream media et al are trying to make us look?

The truth in this is probably not in the middle, but all over the spectrum. There are always fanatics, in any group.

I don't like fanatics. At best, they simply take things a bit too far, at worst they create a distorted image of values. It can turn into something so daunting and intimidating that it scares away even the most 'hardened' naturist around, screaming 'That is not us!'

I rather see laid-back, calm naturists like this couple (and how I envy their spot on a warm beach at the moment, but that's not the point here 😆.)

Being a naturist is something that comes natural to those who are 'enlightened' enough to step out of the bounds of society (if those exist in their family/circle of people). For those who grew up in naturist families, that step might not even exist: they live the life without hesitation.

For myself, I've always felt better without clothes on. For me, these things are a necessity against the environment when called for. And yes, "other people" are such an environment as well. After all, we live in a big society with every kind of people.

If someone's curious about naturism, I'm happy to tell them about it. If they want to try it, fine, but I would never 'demand' that someone should try it. Live and let liv, the same way that churches didn't for the longest time (and some still haven't kicked that habit).

For me, naturism is something 'for me and those who appreciate it'.

Knocking someone over the head (literally or figuratively speaking) in order to 'make them try it' is never going to work.

I don't do conversions. I'm not religious at all, and so I stay away from that kind of practise.

Let the clothies be clothed if they prefer it that way. If a good talk and some examples won't convince them, that's fine. Let the nude world be for those who want it.



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