On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Claim your freedom

Claiming your freedom?

Some people might ask: "Why?"

Because not many folks are going to give it to you.

That's why.

A few times, last week, I've been reading about courage. The courage to do things which aren't common. Which aren't "normal". (Remember, normal is just the norm the majority follows. It doesn't have to be your norm.)

That's what it takes, also for us naturists / nudists / insert noun of choice.

Paul - Naked Hike
Naturally, the amount of freedom someone can claim is directly connected to their area. Some countries are more open to us and our ways than others (hello, US of A).

Still, it's important to be active in that respect. No one will give you a space to walk nude outside or in. You have to go out and find one which complies with local laws (the everlasting limiting factor) and claim it.

Acquiant yourself with the regulations. That's important for when someone comes up and gives you a mouthful about being indecent and offensive and what else.

In the Netherlands we're lucky. There's an actual law for nudity in outside areas. It's article 430a of the penal code. (I wish every country had this in clear writing this way.)

With the knowledge about your area under your virtual belt, and knowing how to recite that to people, you should be a lot stronger against verbal attacks. If need be, take it along on paper, or have a link on your mobile phone. Showing this often can make a difference. It's physical proof you're in your right.

There's always the chance people won't believe you, accuse you of fabricating all that. I haven't found how you can act against such willful ignorance, but at least you've done your due dilligence and came as prepared as you could be.

Another thing to remember: own the moment. Don't wait for someone else to start talking if the situation offers itself. Start talking yourself. Even something like "Isn't it nice here? Do you come here often?" might help. That way you are in control. This is important because that way you have the opportunity to direct the conversation away from the 'problematic' (for them) topic.

I hope you can find your places, and claim them. This is where courage comes in. When you're afraid people will see you, you already lost. (Note, this is different from meeting people who will undoubtedly report you for indecent exposure.)

Naturist group hiking
For that, it's best to find like-minded people and go in a group. It's likely you run into more than one person at the same time. Four against one are not the odds you like to face. That's why going in a group is smart. There is strength in numbers, and four naturist hikers against four textile objecters makes for a far more balanced encounter.

I hope this post motivates at least one person.

Being afraid gets you nowhere. Again, this is not the same as being certain you'll get into trouble. No one should willingly get themselves into trouble. So educate yourself about your rights.

Good luck.