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Children's book

A while ago I put out a 'call' if I could 'borrow' some children. Children from a naturist family background, age 11 or 12. I asked if the parents would ask their kids to test read a few chapters from a children's story I've started to write, to ensure the writing isn't too complicated.

Children Reading
I feel my writing is never very complicated, but it never hurts to make sure.

The response to that call was rather minimal. (No one responded.)

Does this mean that naturists have no kids?

Or do they have kids who hate books and stories? (Should I focus on a naturist kid story game instead? Which won't happen in this lifetime, I think. 😂 )

Naked lady reading book in forest
I know there are naturists who like books. I know a few in person, I am one in person. Maybe the timing for that question was wrong.

And so I try again through this medium. If this doesn't work, I'll just write the story and put it out there, and see where things land.

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