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Book review. The floating boy

The floating boy
The floating boy, by Kenneth Alan Moe

I decided to give this book a try.

Last night, I gave up on it, despite the many great reviews and numbers of stars on the Amazonian website.

It's definitely well written. The characters are well defined and all are very recognisable as 'real people'.

My issue with it is, it's long and slow, and it goes too deep for too long into things I'm not particularly interested in.

At one point I skipped over 6 or 7 pages that did nothing but go into the mindset of a pastor and what he and his religion meant to each other.

When, last night, I skipped over about as many pages going into the stuff around Democrats and Republicans, facing the presidency of John F. Kennedy, I had enough.

After reading this for a long time, I stopped at almost a quarter of the book. I'm glad so many people enjoy it. I'm moving on to another book. Which one? I have no idea yet.