On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Bodies and beauty

A short while ago I had an e-mail exchange with someone who's disabled in a way.

This person I'll refer to as NUDIE / he / him, told me that people at a naturist resort weren't very welcoming and kind towards him, and he wondered if this was something common.

I did my best to assure NUDIE that this is not common. I've read about the acceptance level of naturists everywhere, and from personal experience I can also state that any (physical) disability isn't treated like a disease in naturist circles.

Sure, there are always people who can't handle that mentally, but as far as I know and have seen, the majority of naturists are very welcoming towards disabled people.

This mail exchange with NUDIE made me wonder if other readers of this blog have encountered any negative sentiments towards disabled people.

I'd hate to find out there are more against them than supportive ones. 

(Image on the right found at "The naked truth of naturism  and its devotees for people with disabilities")

So, do you know any disabled nudists or naturists? Have you met any? And how were they treated? I really would like to know, so I can show NUDIE a bit more of the truth. Only my word for it isn't much, so thanks for adding to the conversation!