On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Are we like UFOs?

I was listening to a podcast in the "Unexplainable" series. It was about UFOs and the truths and lies, and most of all the unknowns about them.

Picture of a UFO
One line from the podcast: "Everyone loves UFOs." I guess that's almost true. Not everyone, but most people who have heard of them are intrigued.

Another line from the podcast: "We have to protect America against the threat of UFOs."

(** Note, "America" refers to the USA here. Just saying, before things get pointed out again. 😂 )

This made me think. The military person being interviewed spoke from his position, no doubt, but... threat?

This, in turn, kept my mind going on. For military people, unknow things, abnormal things are threats. Ergo, as I see it, unknown/abnormal things to ordinary people are threats too. We naturists/clothesfree ones etc. are abnormal in the ordinary people's view.

Naturist woman
We scare them. They see us, and in that, contrary to whatever there might be inside an alien spacecraft, reminds them of them. Of their imperfect bodies, of the lumps, scars and malformed parts. The stuff they have learnt to be scared off.

This creates the contradictory idea (in my mind) that they could see themselves as a threat too, once they dare look at themselves for real.

A good reason for clothes and uniforms then, right?

It's odd how this comparison between UFOs and naturists came up. And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Like UFOs, we're a threat to the 'established order', to the place where everything is governed by rules, regulations and... clothes.