On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

A missed opportunity

And I'm actually quite sad about it.

You may have heard of a film that came out over a decade ago. Something with tall, blue aliens on a planet called Pandora. Yes, I'm talking about the box office hit Avatar.

Avatar 1 film poster
May it be known that I love this film.

The wait for "Avatar 2 - The way of water" took forever and several weeks. Finally it arrived and I had to see it. And I saw it. And it stunned me, with the visuals and the underwater footage and ermargerd it's incredible and why haven't you seen it yet?

But the naturist in me was sad. Very sad. "Keftxo nìtxan", as the Na'vi say.

The new Na'vi clan is one that lives on the edge of the ocean. Much of their lives are inside the ocean, in the water. And then I see someone like the clan leader, dressed even more than the Forest clan. Feathers. Large bits of things.


Here is the same Clan leader, still in full gear, on a water creature, in the water.

What if that stuff gets wet? It will weigh a LOT, hold him back in many ways and it will look horrible. (Not in the film, of course, he comes up and it's all dry again. They must use camera tricks for that. 😉 )

Why are these water clan people not naked? It's the most sensible way to be if you almost live in the ocean and jump in several times a day?

You'd have to have an endless line of garments, and you'd have to dry yourself each time, before putting on the dry stuff.

No matter how much I love Avatar and the Na'vi (I've learnt the language and helped enhancing and expanding it), this is a practical fail.

Nude swimming
Nude swimming is much sensible, smarter, and as most of us know it also feels much nicer, not only when in the water.

I think this is a huge missed opportunity to put normal nudity in a better light. Note I'm not saying 'non-sexual nudity'. Nudity is normal. Throwing 'sexual nudity' around as normal is not normal, even when it implicitely happens a lot.

That said, I'm bummed out by the clothes and garments in the new Avatar film.

It's understandable, because this meant to be a money machine (and it is), but still.

A missed opportunity.

Keftxo nìtxan...



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