Clothes are putting the squeeze on you.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

I am sure I wrote about that before. It’s never enough, though.

Clothes are body-prisons, they are often too tight. And why? Because ‘we’ have to look slim and fit and tight. If a body isn’t tight, then cloth prisons to the ‘rescue’. How many people do you see in a week whose clothing is too tight? Far more often than you like probably.

Girl in tight pants

This can’t be healthy. The skin shows when you wore something that’s too tight – with lines that shouldn’t be there. No one worries about that, because those lines will go away by themselves (the skin is awesome like that), and also, you don’t see those lines and marks when they’re hidden beneath the fabric. And also, the body gets used to the squeeze. “It’s natural.” No. It’s normal but not natural.

Which is more comfortable, you think?

This isn’t comfortable!

Being a naturist myself, I find myself disliking clothes more and more because of that. Sometimes we all are required to wear those things, but why is it such a problem to wear something comfortable then?

Loose clothing for men

This isn’t accepted in the ‘business sphere’, I know that. The norm dictates the tight pants, the neckties (urgh) and the ‘fitting shirts’. Those don’t ‘fit’ me, though, and I do my best to stay away from them.

Working from home as a default is a good thing that way. I can be naked as much as I want, apart for online meetings too. Wish everyone could be that lucky!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Clothes are putting the squeeze on you.”

  1. It feels so much better having no clothes on. You only notice this when you are really naked. Also why do you have to be ashamed about your (naked) body ?

    1. You know and I know. So many others deprive themselves of the experience, through the force of habit and ‘culture’…

  2. One reason many people wear clothes that are too tight is because they bought them in the past and gained bulk since.
    Given the cost of clothes (another reason to not wear them unless you must) it’s hard to let go of those purchases so you squeeze into them for as long as possible.

    I personally only really wear loose flowing garments, fashion diktats be darned.
    Got some leggings, but only really for wearing under other things when it’s cold enough that wearing them without would be too cold.

    1. That is my kind of clothing too. I hate tight stuff, so when I have to go somewhere in “business casual” it’s always more casual than business.

  3. One thing I’ve noticed is that is that a lot of men’s clothing simply isn’t designed for the male anatomy. The underwear shown above certainly is not. It takes some time and energy, but both underwear and long johns actually designed for men do exist.

    Of course, kilts are more comfortable than any pants.

    And nude is more comfortable than a kilt 🙂

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