Baring it all. Down to the feet.

We probably all have heard about it and / or know about it. Walking barefoot is good for you.

Often the reasoning is: when you’re naked already, why not go all the way and get rid of the shoes. I recall I wrote about this some time ago.

It still is true what I wrote in that post: “barefoot feels more naked”.

Since then (which was 2014, blimey) I have been experimenting with going barefoot in lots of places. Unfortunately I have to decide that going barefoot everywhere is not for me. Maybe not yet, maybe not ever. In my house and on grass I’m fine. My feet like it. On rougher grounds however, no matter how short the distance and how much I practice, it’s not working for me.

I gave it as many tries as I could over the past years. As long as the weather was acceptable, my feet got the opportunity to get used to all kinds of surfaces and I didn’t start with pebbles, trust me. I read up on the tips on Walking Barefoot, followed some barefoot-walking people on Twitter and nothing seems to work. My feet have the last word in this and that word is ‘no’.

There is a tonne of information on how to do it, what to avoid and all that. Maybe I will give this another try next summer. It’s definitely getting too cold for my feet now: a combination of the wrong temperature and the wrong surface is a no-no for me. And if I never make it to walking barefoot on anything rougher than grass: so be it. I made it to my current age with shoes. I’ll probably make it to the end of it that way too.

Power to you, all barefoot people. It’s great that you do what you do. But someone has to keep the shoe manufacturers in business! 😉

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “Baring it all. Down to the feet.”

  1. when i was younger I could go barefoot just about anywhere, but not now that i am in my 60’s. i do barefoot as much as I can still

    1. That is what I try too, Michael. Inside my house it’s fine (wooden floor), and on grass etc. I’m fine too. Keep going, it’s healthy. I know that. It’s just that some surfaces make health hard hahaha!

  2. exactely the same for me. Ok on soft grounds or hard without sticks and stones. Love to be barefeet (aswell as completely naked) though, but don’t like the pain. Try to be barefeet as much as possible

  3. I walk barefoot a lot but when I head out on the trail I wear hiking shoes even if nothing else. Usually a hat too for temperature control and to shade my eyes. Also a useful emergency cover-up!

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