A naturist’s view on ‘that first time’

That first time.

Do you remember that first time when you decided you didn’t like those clothes on you in the great outdoors? That you decided to take them off and be happy with that decision? I do.

Before the heat got to me.

It is a long time ago. Before there were digital cameras or cell phones. It was hot that day and I had gone for a bike ride. Those two things didn’t mix well, I found out, so I stopped in some woods and hoped to cool down. Alas. That didn’t go well either. I knew it was because of my clothes, even when I wasn’t wearing much. Took off the shirt. Much better. Went a bit deeper into the woods because… that first time… you never know.

Not from back then but I still enjoy it

Of course deeper into the woods it was even warmer as heat lingered there. So I decided to go all naked, if only for a moment. That was revelation time. I dared to walk around a little. It was amazing. Bliss. I didn’t stay out there very long but I’ll never forget that very first taste of being naked outside, with nothing but the warm (okay, it was hot) air on me, and walking around without feeling clothes.

I remember how I didn’t like to put my clothes back on and having to ride the bike back like that in the heat. I also remember that this was the way to live for me, and since then I’ve done so whenever I can.

What was your first naked outdoor experience? Did you plan it? Did it ‘just happen’ like it did with me? I’d love to hear about it if you feel safe to talk about it!

Author: Paul

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7 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on ‘that first time’”

  1. I remember that it was sunny and warm at our family farm.I was about 11 and I went into the pasture behind a man made tank for the cattle.The bank of the tank was high so I couldn’t be seen from the road or the farm house.I decided to get comfortable.I sat on the bank and then decided to walk around.What I didn’t count on was the amount of sticker burs,a little barbed plant that spreads in Texas in the spring and summer.They get in your shoes and stick you even through socks.I got a couple in my leg even on a clear cow path.
    It was frustrating because it was private,but the stickers made it hard to walk around.I went back to the bank of the tank and sat for awhile just because it felt good.If the tank weren’t filled with water mocassins(a poisonous snake in Texas) and snapping turtles,I would’ve skinny dipped,but knowing that was too dangerous,I dressed reluctantly and thought about ways to do something like this again.

    1. That’s a wonderful account! I’m glad you got to discover this kind of freedom so early in life. I dare assume you did “something like this” again. 😀

      1. Oh yes,a few more.In fact,I remember one neighbor visiting saying the road to the farm house was perfect because if you were nude you could see people driving up in plenty of time to get your clothes back on,without them seeing you.I remember my parents got a good laugh out of that.I just filed that comment away for later ideas.

  2. My first experience was when I was a child with my parents on a nude beach. I did not really remember any form of well-being at that time, but I think nudism planted a seed in me that would grow over the years and blossomed as adult, on a trip to South of France. Along the shore were people sunbathing naked. It was a kind of revelation that brought back the memories of that nude beach of my childhood. This day, I dropped my swimsuit for the first time as adult and decided not to wear any wherever possible. It was freedom. The next day, with my wife, we went on another beach where some people were naked, some were wearing a bathing suit. I took my clothes off and I this was my first experience of clothing-optional, choosing the side of the option. Since then, I never regretted my choice. I do not know it I chose nudism or if nudism imposed itself to me. It was a kind of a no-brainer. Later, I started many activities naked, like hiking or running, having discovered like-minded people across the globe enjoying social nudity. I think once you embrace the nudist lifestyle, the lifestyle embraces you, it nurtures in you and makes you deep down really happy.

    1. Your words ring deep inside me. Yes. Being nude does make one happy. I wonder: how did your wife react when you dropped your clothes and stayed naked? Did she know you were a nudist at that time?

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