A naturist’s view on the bare bottom

A naturist’s view on the bare bottom

I thought I’d get you with that one. Not just because of the word ‘bare’ but because of the concept, I guess. And the odd one who is after some nice bottoms. Do I have news for you…

Bottoms. We all have them.


And yours may look like one of those above. Maybe not. It’s interesting to me that the bare bottom is seen as something unpleasant. Uncalled for (which I understand, I never call my bottom, I sit on it).

The ‘seen as’ also is something I want to mention. Why do people focus on a bottom? It’s a part of the human body. A convenient one. Some have better looking ones than others but some people have crooked teeth. That doesn’t make them better or worse. Neither does a nice bottom.

Moving around is easier when it’s bare.
Or isn’t it?


As the gentleman here demonstrates, doing sports or other activities in the bare state (including the bottom) is good. Fun (I am sure, even if I don’t see his face). I for one am always ready to move around in the buff. The downside of that is that the weather needs to cooperate for that and in my area, the Netherlands, that’s not always the case. Lucky you if you live in a place that’s warm enough and allows you to go around naked! Power to you!

No butts. Nor buts.

3 bottoms

Really. No butts. Bare-bottomed you can do just about anything except take your pants off. Watching classic cars? No problem. Watching television? No problem (but remember your towel). Reading? That too can be done bare-butted. Apart from the clothing addicts and ditto industry there are no buts about it: you can do lots of things in the nude. Here’s someone watching paintings. I was at that venue in an Amsterdam museum. It was great.

But what about the outdoors in general?

That too can be enjoyed butt naked.

outside butt

Most of us know this, of course, and we all know we bare(bottom)ly get enough opportunities for that. Again, if you do then more power to you.

Being able to be nude outside, bottom and all, for simple things like a stroll, a hike, some swimming or just lazing in the sun, are just a few ways to enjoy the outdoors. Give your bottom that needed sunlight (but be sensible about it, it usually doesn’t see the sun that much).

What’s your favourite bare bottom outside activity? What’s the coolest, craziest or most enjoyable thing you did in the bare bottom state?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on the bare bottom”

  1. I have often wondered why people have any hang-ups about bums. As you say, we all have them. Men’s and women’s are basically the same. While I would be the first to agree that some bums are more aesthetically pleasing than others, the same may be said of knees, feet, elbows …

    About things done nude:

    Driving nude is an unusual experience. Have you ever done that?

    I enjoy using the sauna at our local spa, but, as I am in the UK, it is expected that I wear swimming trunks. I don’t like sweating into them, so I just wear a towel. The only challenge is hopping into the shower afterwards, as it is in the general area by the sauna [I do not want to trek all the way back to the men’s changing room]. I just carry on regardless, when the place is fairly quiet. Not sure if anyone has every been shocked by the sight of my bare bum.

    1. Colin, they probably can if they want to. When driving most people pay attention to the road, and unfortunately lately also to their phones. Before I started driving naked I watched what people did in their car. They were not studying other people. They don’t expect someone to drive in the nude. Also, when the sun is out, the inside of your car will look a lot darker so details won’t be very clear/visible.
      I’ve found the chances of being seen very very low. Unless you drive a convertible with the roof down.

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