Something clothes addicts will never experience

We have an advantage over dressed people who are addicted to their coverings. Perhaps some would even call it a blessing. We know what it is to feel free. And that means really free. Many naturists talk about freedom, liberation, being unhindered, and that is what we are. We savour the freedom from restraints like clothes and such as much as possible.

naked freedom

The longer I’m a naturist, the more I understand how free we are. When I get home I take my clothes off. Clothes that have been on me all day while I did things I would rather not do. After all, work is a hobby that pays the bill but it does eat up an awful amount of time.

The joy of being naked is the feeling that so many have never experienced. It’s mind-boggling when you think of it. How did this happen? Why is being naked so bad in the eyes of the majority of people? As I said before, people are shocked more by the sight of a naked person than by the sight of a gun. Or violence. Or injustice. Naked people aren’t dangerous. Sorry if I bring in something horrible but look at suicide bombers who wear those belts with explosives. Beneath their clothes. A suicide bombing nudist wouldn’t go unnoticed in a crowded market place. And then I mean a market place crowded with other nudists. (Can you imagine how I would love to wander around in such a market place?)

Naked people are the most relaxed people that I know, and often also the kindest. Because they don’t need to hide and don’t want to hide. Because, indeed, they are free.

making the bedThe awareness that nothing like clothes is holding me back when I walk through my apartment often hits me like a brick wrapped in velvet. Hard but also very pleasant. I can do this. I am not afraid of my own nudity. Every real nudist or naturist feels secure in her or his nakedness. Because of that freedom. I am strongly convinced that such freedom isn’t only physical. It has its effect on one’s mind as well. Mental freedom. Now there’s something to be proud of. So many people long for that…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “Something clothes addicts will never experience”

  1. Hi Paul

    That is a really nice post.

    I like the point that it will be really hard to hide a suicide bombbelt as a naturist.

    My experience is also that when people are nude together in a nonsexual way they tend to be more present in the conversation.

    Peter / Spotnaked

  2. another excellent post, on this excellent blog- posted by an excellent person!

    i am not quite so anti-clothes but see them as sort of “tools”. Lots of places to hike where bare feet will end up looking like coleslaw :O so shoes become a tool. A tuuk/beanie on an exceptionally cold and windy day protects my hair and ears from the wind while my body is fine (though colder days make those sharp rocks even more sharp on soft feet!!) but yeah, tools.

    But just like a builder does not go to sleep with like.. a drill or a..level or hammer and nails, tools are useful for when they are needed : )

    1. Oh, I definitely agree. I don’t go barefoot in bad places either, and cold means clothes. Not for having to wear them, but indeed, as a tool, a problem-prevention or situation-solving element.

      1. one thing i remember reading from one of my fav book series had a bit about polar bears in it and that their “hair” or fur when you get the individual strands of it, is actually clear not the off-white you see in piccies, that’s just the accumulation. Never fact-checked that but it made me think of sort of “clothes for the nudist/naturist” that could protect you while being transparent… hmmm

        1. I’m not sure that would be a reason for me to wear such things. That leans more towards exhibitionism, in my view. I’m nude because I want to avoid clothes, not because I want others to see me nude.

    1. I am convinced that weather and other environmental issues were the original reason for the invention of clothes. -20C is not balmy, except for polar bears and penguins.

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