Are naturists the real freethinkers?

I’ve been pondering this. In a world where you find promotion to be the same, beautiful, following the same screams of fashion and think the same thoughts, it takes a lot of guts to step out of the defined order.

As long as everyone is the same, do all they can to ‘fit in’ so they are part of the collective, there is a good handle for ‘higher up’ to get and keep control on the people. It’s where people become sheeple, all in the same colour of wool, and all saying beeehhh to the same tune.

They are part of the Borg collective, so to speak, all in the same hive, all under control of the Borg Queen.


And then there are these people who don’t conform to that all the time. Who take off their clothes and are naked among each other. Everyone in their own skin, colour, size, shape. Scratched and scarred, yes, but also honest about their appearance. Beautiful in their own way

Is it strange that The Thinker by Rodin (pictured here) is naked as well?

Naturists don’t always feel the need to fit in. They step out of the defined borders of ‘normal decency’ to keep their bodies covered all the time, preferably in the prescribed colours and fabrics of a lower Borg Commander.

That is why I wonder… are naturists the real freethinkers?


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

23 thoughts on “Are naturists the real freethinkers?”

  1. Paul,

    Your post today caused me to reflect on your thoughts about ‘sameness’ in today’s society and ‘fitting in’ where you are a part of the group and don’t stand out from everybody else. When I was growing up, I never ‘fit in’ with my peers. My peers never included me in their activities and I had no real ‘close’ friends. When I did things I did them alone. That sucked. When I was working I didn’t fit in either. Oh, I worked with my colleagues and collaborated at times but for the most part I did my job alone. There were cliques (groups who hung together) but I was never a part of them and was never asked to join. So, your final question in the form of a statement causes me to agree that naturists are the real freethinkers and have the right perspective. We are naturists and not part of the Borg collective. A very well written piece on your perspective. I like it very much!

    1. Hello Patrick. I think that many naturists share that sentiment although not many will admit that. It’s a common trait for people to want to ‘fit in’. I’ve decided to stop trying. I like my life, I can do what I want without people frowning. That is more valuable to me than trying to belong to a group that does not share my views. So I stick with the naturists in my life and the few friends who are okay with me the way I am. I’m glad my little post gave you some ‘food for thought’. 🙂

    1. The world at large doesn’t like people who think for themselves in the way we do. That’s probably why. I hope you feel good about all that now!

  2. I liked the article, I found it thought provoking. I tend to agree with the premise that naturists are the real freethinkers. I have a female friend who prides herself on being open minded and compassionate, however, she is virtually prudish when it comes to nudity. That naturally begs the question, how open minded is she in reality?
    BTW, I have read all three in The Naked Crow series and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am eagerly looking forward to the next. I also appreciate how you are presenting naturism in a realistic and positive light.

    1. Robb, thanks for your comment. I’m reworking the 4th book now. It will have a bit less fantasy and a bit more real-life naturism etc. in it, I hope it will appeal to people that way too. I aim for number 5 to have more fantasy in it again but… time will tell. 🙂

    2. Robb,

      I agree with your post. However, don’t judge your friend too harshly. For some women, it takes a while for them to be comfortable naked, especially in a group situation. I am not judging you negatively. I hope that you can open a discussion about nudity with her and can let her know your viewpoint on nudity and naturism. Perhaps she has never thought of nudity in a non-sexual way. What she sees and reads in today’s society is highly geared toward sex drive and does not really portray simple nudity in the right way. Being naked and comfortable in your own skin doesn’t always have to be linked to sex.

      I also have read all three books in the Naked Crow series by the author. I liked all of them and the way being a Native American and becoming a naturist from the adventures does show nudism in a positive light. Thanks for your comments.

      1. Patrick,
        Thanks for your comments. I have discussed naturism with her to the extent that I have shared my passion for this way of living and its philosophy – expect for self, respect for others, respect for the environment. As she is a staunch environmentalist and vegan, perhaps a discussion around how naturism is good for the environment would be in order.

        1. Since your friend is vegan and is environment-conscious, perhaps you have the key to discussing nudity and naturism in a context that she identifies with. Is she still is unwilling to embrace naturism the way that you do, leave the door open and give her some space to think about and digest what you have said. If the opportunity presents itself in the course of conversation, tell her the kinds of naturist activities you have enjoyed and the end result of that enjoyment. If you will be patient and listen and look for signs in verbal and body language you may want to ask her to attend a naturist activity with you. She may still refuse and that is OK. But at least you have offered to have her join you in an activity so she can see what takes place. It is worth a try, I think.

          1. An important word here: Offer. That is the way to go about this. Don’t tell people to try it. There is enough “bossing around” and “telling people” going around as it is. Just suggest it, give her the choice. Not everyone is up for naturism. Sometimes I think people need to mature more for it, understand the benefits and see the implications being that they are becoming freethinkers too.

  3. Life is a lesson and we are taught by it with every experience. If you close your mind to possibilities, you are not really living <3

    totally biased of course but i have never met an unintelligent or close minded naturist. Not from the first retreat or camp i went to or to now.

    1. Indeed. You need a more expanded mind to even try this, to go against the ‘normality’ of the clothed kind.
      What we do isn’t normal. For them.
      What they do isn’t normal. For us.
      They can have their normal. I’ll stick to ours.

      1. like i said before, naturism is much easier for those of us who grew up with it so even if the normies decide they never want to try it (and that is totally fine, their choice) the education about it should start early too.. I did not know what naked was until half way through primary school and i had a brief brush with body confidence issues (all gone!) starting 7th grade.

        A beautiful mind open to possibilities um.. the lady from the stargate show.. she says about releasing your burden… like that.. released

        “currently typing from on top of a hill at a naturist retreat where is is a gorjuz 1 degree Celcius 😀 “

        1. 1 degree ABOVE zero. Courageous, you are.
          You’re right. Naturism and nudity shouldn’t be ignored/hidden in a black corner. I am sure that growing up with it makes a huge difference. I’m the only one in my family who’s a naturist. That’s fine.

          1. rather chilly it was!

            yep a lot easier i am guessing. Only one of my closest friends knows and understands and i asked she would ever like to try and she had three different reactions at once!

  4. Haha yep!! first reaction was shock, then there was a mild curiosity reaction followed by a longer embarrassment reaction and that all happened over about 4 seconds!

    guys beginning this life have the erection issue to deal with though maybe aside from their own body confidence issues once they realise (experienced) naturists are welcoming and unjudging, there’s no hard feelings about it [pun!] but for us, especially for newbies and i have seen a few- the biggest hurdle is not like…having other people see you naked.. okay maybe a bit of the nerves are; but most of the problem is emotional/psychological: “will this make me a evil degenerate?” (social conditioning ofc) “what will people think of me, will guys think i am ‘easy’ now?”, “how will this affect my life?” and the most obvious one “what if someone tries to take advantage?/unwanted sexual contact”

    a trusting safe environment totally gets rid of those things but it is the first hurdle. I get the feeling she wants to experience this life a bit so i could not think of a safer place to start than at my house, in my room. Then maybe once she walks out and see’s my dad reading the paper Au naturel, all of the fears will evaporate, but it is all about free will, the choice to make a choice.

    1. Fascinating how ‘the erection issue’ always pops up, while that’s something that hardly ever happens.
      Biggest problem for beginners, as far as I know, is the idea that they don’t look 103% gorgeous and up to today’s beauty standards.
      Well, look around on a nude beach and good luck finding someone who fits that description.

      If your friend really wants to give it a go, doing it with someone she trusts is definitely a good place to do it. Getting used to not being covered takes some time (from minutes to half an hour). Once she’s busy with something, her mind’s off it and that’s all there is to it.

      1. Well the retreats i have been to have almost always been with people who have been in this life for a while so that is not an issue but the few times there has been newbies, that has been in issue, along with what every newbie must feel, with the programming they have had about bodies needing to be at some sort of level of perfection, which is silly and easily gotten rid of : )

        Something that requires concentration for sure, can not be something simple like a game of chess, maybe a really good movie or like trying to build a towery thing out of playing cards : )

        1. Absolutely. Distracting someone from “the issue” and engaging them into something challenging is a great way to do this.
          And then they forget there even was a ‘problem’ hahaha!

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