Naked Online [is] OK. The NOOK.

The nook? What’s the nook? No, this is not an advertisement for a specific e-reader. If you’re looking for that, Google again.

The NOOKThis post is about a very nice place on the interwebz called The NOOK. A place that nudists and naturists can join, where they can be themselves and don’t have to be afraid to be stared or laughed at. The NOOK (which stands for Naked Online is OK) has members of all ways of life, and it’s safe to discuss all facets of the naked life. This does not mean you can throw anything into a discussion, there are some rules and guidelines. (Have a look at the NOOK’s Mission statement.) Here is the first part of it:

The Nook is provided as a safe place for people to post Naked and Active content, images and text, to discuss these issues, and how they work, or not, in our modern society. In part, the site is a counter-reaction to the highly succesful, but reactionary, social networking monolith known as Facebook which, with it’s judgemental, hypocritical and puritanical, censorship rules, imposes a stringent sexual code of conduct on it’s membership. The Nook aims to be a decent alternative, by definition non-PC (not politically correct), social networking site.

There is more, hit this link for the page with the whole mission statement, but this section described The Nook very well.

Note that you can’t always be 100% safe 100% of the time – there are always people who come in and start making trouble of kinds. Luckily the NOOK management (owner and moderators) are on patrol frequently to keep these occurrences to a minimum.

Seen enough? Curious? Ready to take the plunge?

The NOOK(The image will take you there when you click it.)

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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  1. It’s nice to see you promoting this site. I’ve discovered it some time ago and signed in immediately, I do thing is the one best and true effort aimed to a real naturist social network. Let’s all contribute to maintain it uncorrupted.

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