Clothes give expression.

A while ago I read an article about someone who was very fond of his clothes. He has many of them, in all kinds, shapes, forms and colours. Good for him and even better for the fashion industry and their often exaggerated pricing of course.
He wondered how someone without clothes would be able to express how they feel. He said he had cheerful clothes for feeling cheerful, black clothes for when he was feeling gloomy, and all other kinds for other situations.

That made me think, because I have clothes for occasions too. How would a nudist/naturist go about that provided the temperature doesn’t call for clothes? The answer proved to be amazingly simple as usual: body paint.

Body paint gives you all the benefits of expressing yourself through colour, yet keeps clothes far from the naturist’s skin. And for many people applying body paint instead of putting on clothes can add a deeper, even spiritual experience to the act, as you consciously work on yourself and making a statement about your inner feelings. Yes, body paint will take longer, but I am convinced that it is more gratifying.
Do take care with this. Not all paints are safe or healthy to apply to your body. Some suffocate the skin, and some can contain ingredients that make you sick (depending on your health and possible allergies). It pays to investigate this.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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